The Women's Club of Forest Hills  Presents

There's good work in the Great Enchanted Forest

The Great Enchanted Forest

Producer & Director -- Christine Evangelista

Script and additional lyrics by Christine Evangelista and Peter Dizozza

Lyrics by Heather Doughty, Neil Ericksen, Maureen Fitzgerald, Helen Slayton Hughes, Owen Kalt, Jon Resnik, Jim Vogel and Peter Dizozza

Music adapted with Christine Evangelista and, except for "The Musical Box" excerpt (Gabriel/Collins) and "Cry Baby Cry" (Lennon/McCartney), composed by Peter Dizozza

source material: Mother Goose, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and the song catalogue of Peter Dizozza, administered worldwide by

Byline:  "Teenagers' escape to Forest Park brings new meaning to familiar fantasies."

SONG LIST          Audio Files

The Great Enchanted Forest -- details from the document by J. P. Evangelista


Running Time: 1 Hour 8 minutes


1. Play Me Old King Cole (Peter) -- excerpt, Genesis, Nursery Crime, The Musical Box

2. For Whom the Dragons "The Gander Flies Tonight" (Group) from the 1973 song, "Thank You Disney"

3. Farewell Georgie (Partial Group), from the song "Goodbye Charlie," written for a film, lyric by Owen Kalt

4. Great Enchanted Forest (J.P., Peter, Kevin, Doug), from the song, "Lumberman," for Girl of the Limberlost,  lyric: Helen Slayton Hughes

5. Creeping Things (Diane), for Androcles.  Lyric:  Helen Slayton Hughes 

6. Iím Holding You, Youíre Holding Me (Nicole, Christopher, Adrienne, Rory), from the song, "Holding You" for Androcles.  Lyric:  Helen Slayton Hugues

7. Fayo a Girl (Peter) from Legs Like These.  Lyric:  Neil Ericksen

8. My True Love Took a Dollar (Audrey) from Meg O' My Heart.  Lyric: Neil Ericksen

9. Why This Place (Kathy) from Streetcar.  Lyric:  Maureen Fitzgerald.

10. Live and Learn (Monica) from The Middle Ages.  Lyric by Peter Dizozza

11. You are You (Doris), for Androcles.  Lyric:  Helen Slayton Hughes

12. Iím Afraid of Presents (Ted) song lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes.

13. Tomorrow (Doug) for Next Stop Greenwich Village, lyric by Owen Kalt

14. Ashes (J.P.) for Androcles, lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes

15. I Wonít Ask you (Monica) for Girl of the Limberlost, lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes

16. Dress Down (Group) for "Big."  Lyric by Heather Doughty

17. Great Enchanted Forest (Partial Group) adapted from the "Lumberman" song in Girl of the Limberlost, lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes

18. Welcome to the Games (Pat) Androcles, lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes

19. Cry Baby Cry (Kevin with Peter) this is the from the fourth side of the Beatle's White album.  Lennon and MacCartney

20. Absotively Posilutley (Monica and Doug) from Next Stop Greenwich Village.  Lyric by Owen Kalt

21. We Must Talk (Pat) lyric by Peter Dizozza after reading Anne Beatie's Octoscope short story.

22. Do You Remember (Tony w/J.P., Kathy, Monica, and Doug) lyric by Jon Resnik

23. Youíll Never Know What Good Youíve Done Me (Group) lyric by Helen Slayton Hughes

24. Enchanted Forest (Group)

April 7th and 8th, 2000, The Forest Hills Church in the Gardens Community House, Huff Hall

The Cast

Adrienne Brand -- Chorus/kitten

Audrey Brand -- Jil

Kathy Brand -- Dorothy Biddle

Monica Dizozza -- Alice Biddle

Christine Evangelista -- Mother Goose (April 8th)

J.P. Evangelista -- Johnny Hart

Doris Evans -- Mistress Mary

Kevin Gallagher -- King of Hearts

Pat Gmerek -- Queen of Hearts

Eve Hachmann -- Chorus

Diane Weber Levin -- Little Miss Muffet

Rory Gene Levin -- Chorus/kitten

Sally M. Maurer -- Mother Goose (April 7th)

Alice Michalchuk -- Chorus

Doug O'Connor -- Georgie Porgie

Tony Sarro -- Wizard

Christopher St. Germain -- Chorus/kitten

Nicole St. Germain -- Chorus/kitten

Ted St. Germain -- Giant

Nancy Tarenzi -- Wicked Queen Witch

Margaret Stancin/Lacoski -- Chorus

Peter Walker -- Jack

Candy Ward-Rychala -- Chorus



Peter Dizozza -- Piano

Tony Hightower -- Guitar

John Kessel -- Bass

Sanjay Kaul -- Percussion


Lighting and Sound Engineer -- Kenneth Alvarez

Lights -- Mary Jo Clancy

Lighting Assistant -- Pat Gainor

Scenery -- John Evangelista

Scenic Consultant -- Russell Levin

Publicity -- Dorothy Weber

Publicity & Signage --  Russell Levin

Prompter -- Joan Igoe

Page Turner -- Catherine Reyes

President -- Madeleine Dizozza

Guest Night Chairman -- Jacquelyn Knight

Set Up -- Florence Barbasso, Janet Fraina, Betty Mangan, Maria Merone, Dorothy Weber

Floral Arrangements:  Birgit Wunsch, Dorothy Weber, Lauretta Leddy, Barbara Pfifferling, Madeleine Dizozza

Reservations -- Dorothy Weber

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