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16mm, Silent, B&W and Color, 400 meters.


Screening History  

Edited version (200 meters) screened at Actor's Institute with performance of related songs, November 21, 2002. 

October 18th, 2002 at The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center with live accompaniment by Peter Dizozza and Michael Arenella.  . 

Other public screenings, November 5th, 2000 at Manhattan Theatre Source among other films of the Silent Cinema Singer Songwriter's Circle.  8PM.  Admission $8.00.  (a big audience.  Thank you for coming out, and staying 'til the end.  Are you crazy???)  Here's an index of photos (taken by Barry King) of some of the creative forces behind the scene.

Two Screenings in March, 2000:  Sunday, March 19th, and Monday, March 27th, at the SideWalk Bar Restaurant in New York City, Sunday, March  featured live musical accompaniment by Kenny Davidsen.Until 2000 last screened at Ferris Booth Hall, Columbia University, Friday November 18, 1977

It's the bourgeois product of potsmoking teenagers.  Angels: Tour of the Vultures follows the footsteps of our forefathers into days of futures past, highlighting beautiful scenery, attractive individuals and medical footage some find educational.

Originally, the soundtrack featured the Third Movement of Gershwin's Concerto in F.

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