The Line. (Here does someone draw it)

I search for reason when there's none despite the feeling since that day she said goodbye. Though we're still talking I am certain she dismissed me since the night I made her cry. I place the burden right there. Perhaps the tendency to always make things worse was on my mind.

I should be fined but never, not forever! I made it worse and now she draws the line.

Is it so hopeless to believe the bumpy road will open wide so smoothly paved? We make concessions daily, then we share our private torment, asking to be saved. This was our time together. We take the fatal steps and it's like living hell before we die. I'd ask her why but never. Not forever. My need is great and someone draws the line.

What I say may be only a mind game. I was mean and I gave it a fine name. How it differs from what people say if a human life's at stake. Think about that world we shared, we lived again. We lived again. Think about the darkness that surrounds us since then. I have this feeling it's a hope that someday there'll be more Storm between us. I have this feeling it's a hope that there is someday more.

I'm on the road again in search of a possession to relieve my inner pain. I meet a streetwise merchant. He sells rocks and crystal stones suspended on a chain. He reads my tarot for me. This man knows nothing but the power of his gaze can't be denied. I say demand me nothing. Half of nothing. My need is great but here I draw the line.

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