Lisa Dery


LISA DERY (singer):
A powerfully glamorous chanteuse from the Canadian wilds of the Pacific Northwest, stirring the roots of desire to the depths of the soil so that new shoots can sprout.

Cast of Lisa Dery's 1997 cabaret show, "POSSESSION"

Lisa Dery's cabaret

TYR THONE (director): A tantric terrorist choreographer and co-founder, with spouse Maki Fujita, of the TRIBE dance company and the Evolutionary Foundation.


PETER DIZOZZA (pianist): A combination of the talents and inspirations of Peter Sellars, Andre Previn, Frank Sinatra and Woody Allen.

Guest Bassist: ALEX BRONSON

MP3 Link!  The Best.  Lyric by Owen Kalt, Music by Peter Dizozza, written for Larry Lapinski in "Next Stop Greenwich Village," performed by Peter and Lisa Dery.

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