Olympus D-480 photos by Sam Moree of the 7th Performance of Hermaphroditism Through the Ages, directed by Sarah Marck at Manhattan Theater Source.  Return to Project page   View stills from the 4th Performance. View Rehearsal Stills

An intentional Klara and a bewildered Jim, dealers in defective arms shipments.

The court proceeding whereby Charlotte, suddenly a widow, withdraws her petition for divorce and obtains her husband's estate, including The Island of Xuxu and the antique collection of medical specimens (Basically the collection found at the Mütter Museum) thereon.  

Her protégée, Dr. Fricassee.

Their conversation includes talk of ambiguous, problematic and fractured genitalia. Her husband's erections were painful.  She would have divorced him if only he hadn't died of a brain aneurysm and left her everything.  (Jim and Klara are small-time arms dealers.  Charlotte's husband, Jameson, was a Big-Time arms dealer.)

During one of his lectures, Dr. Fricassee generates great enthusiasm and initiative in his students. If they are to graft an extrusion onto Charlotte, their benefactor and willing subject, then they insist Dr. Fricassee allow them to vaginate a slit at the base of his prostate.     

The Mole King orders the three hermaphroditic couples to submit to a synergizing marriage ceremony that he conducts in front of a fresco from Pompei.  

Holding the mole, Dr. Fricassee explains the fresco (painted by Richard Scott, by the way).  He does so basically to himself, alone on the stage.  Charlotte has already joined the others outside.   Completely creeped out by being alone in the dungeon, he leaves the mole and fresco and runs out to join her.  

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