Stills from Cinema VII's D8 Wash D.C. tape, December 3, 2000.   Click on picture to advance to next frame.

Presenting minutiae vid-stills from our D.C. sojourn!  So many sites, such kind hospitality, such presidential trepidation!

I joined Kim there from December 2-4, 2000.  Our mission? -- to replace the orthodontic retainers, resting within her overnite bag which some guys from Brooklyn's New York Deli stole from my car on November 12th, 2000. 

Every trip requires years of follow-up research, especially as to recorded matter.  As I learn more of where we went, and what was there, I can tell you what I saw.  For now, let's look at stills captured from images captured by the video camera, especially of objects d'art captured by D.C.'s museums.  See below for notes. 

See, this is the house where all the moving vans were going.  They are behind the trees to the left of this "still," the excitement in the air diverting attention, as questions of the next president remained unanswered.