A BMI Music Theatre Workshop assignment, 


Androcles & The Lion, adapted by Helen Slayton Hughes (1993)



Bury Your Sword -- Performed Jan 19, 1994 at a Qwirk Fundraiser

Creeping Things -- this recording includes the voices of Drew Taylor, Adam Vane, Kenneth Vega and Peter Foley

Holding You


You Are You

The Quickest Way to Heaven


Welcome to the Games

I Can Get a Man a Job


Jim Vogel lyric adapting Shaw's scene between the mighty Ferovius and a Roman fop who learns not to slap someone's face, even though Christians do turn the other cheek:  Lying Down -- This is the original most memorable version which includes an interpolation of the Protestant Hymn from Lerner and Lowe's "My Fair Lady."  The voices include that of Jim Vogel.  



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Also by Helen:  Girl of the Limberlost



Just by Being You

Afraid of Presents

The Guest in My Heart


Noah's Heavy Water