Murder by Music

Doug O'Connor & Tony Sarro

Two Performances at the Forest Hills Gardens Community House

April 27th and 28th, 2001

Lou Rodgers Golden Fleece Square One Presentation, May 13th, 2001 reviewed by The New Music Connoisseur




The Women's Club of Forest Hills (producers)

Singers Chairman: Katy Brand

Drama Chairman: Randy St. Germain

Presents Murder by Music

Composer Peter Dizozza

Producer and Director Christine Evangelista

Assistant Producer Randy St. Germain

Musical Director Peter Dizozza

Lighting and Sound Engineer Kenny Alvarez

Lights Randy St. Germain

Page Turner Catherine Reyes

Backstage Assistant Marie Fazio

Curtain Rory Levin

Prompter Joan Igoe


D. Weber Levin -- Lionel Twain

Russell Levin -- Butler

Tony Sarro -- Charlie Chan

J.P. Evangelista -- Number One Son

Nancy Crabill -- Nancy Drew

Doris Evans -- Jessica Fletcher

Madeleine Dizozza -- Maxine Smart

Beatrice Holman -- Emma Peel

Mary Colonna -- Hardy Girl

Adrienne Brand -- Hardy Girl

Margaret Stancin/Lacoski -- Charlie's Fallen Agnel

Eve Hachman -- Charlie's Fallen Agnel

Julie Robba -- Charlie's Fallen Angel

Doug O'Connor -- Sam Spade

Audrey Brand -- Tess Skeffington

Peter Walker -- Nick Charles

Monica Dizozza -- Nora Charles

Kevin Gallagher -- Inspector Pierrot

Kathy Brand -- Michele Mabelle

Nancy Tarenzi -- Maid

Pat Gmerek -- Jessica Marples

Alice Michalchuk -- Nurse Withers

Musicians: Peter Dizozza -- Piano

Hens Breet -- Percussion


SONG LIST adapted from Dizozza Song Catalogue 1970-1980 administered worldwide by Cinema VII. 

New Material: "Need to Know," "Quiet Moment," and "Atmospheric Incidental"


Murder by Music


Running Time: 1 Hour 8 Minutes


1. You’re Invited (Group)

2. Wakes and Weddings (Monica and Peter)

3. Need to Know (Group)

4. Never Too Sure (Pat and Doug)

5. Reflections of the Sky (Kathy)

6. Corner of Your Life (Doris)

7. Without a Word (J.P.)

8. Flower Gardens (Madeline w/Audrey, Monica, Pat, and Doris)

9. The Will (Group)

10. Role Call of the Famous Detectives (Diane)

11. No Acceptance (Peter)

12. Stoke the Coals (Audrey)

13. I Love You Much (Bea)

14. Quiet Moment (Group)

15. When You’re Near My Arm (Monica)

16. Mack the Knife (Tony)

17. Barbara Broadcast (Kevin)

18. Nosferatu (Pat)

19. Crime Wave (Doug)

20. Need To Know (Group)


17 songs including:


The Invitation (adapted)

Atmospheric Incidental

Wakes and Weddings

Need to Know

Never Too Sure (adapted)

Star Upon the Ocean (Reflection of the Sky)

The Corner of Your Life (adapted from the lyric by Tony Evangeliste)

Without A Word (adapted)

Flower Gardens (lyric by Jean Free)

The Will (adapted)

No Acceptance

Stoke the Coals (adapted from the lyric by Tony Evangeliste)

Love You Much (adapted from Love Song)

When You're Near My Arm (also in Kingdom Come)

Quiet Moment

She Brought Me (adapted from The Barbara Broadcast)

Sitting Looking Forlornly (adapted from Nosferatu)

Crime Wave (adapted)


Cover song:  Mack the Knife

Peter Dizozza note: Cinema VII administers my creative output and, as I hope you'll agree, one of its most valuable assets is the song catalogue. Last year's women's club show of Mother Goose themes (The Great Enchanted Forest) adapted 18 songs I composed with lyricists from the Lehman Engel Music Theatre Workshop between 1991 & 1995 (A Class Act consists of similar material compiled from the estate of Ed Kleban.). For the score of Murder By Music we drew from songs written between 1970 & 1980. The seventies featured progressive "art rock." Musicologists can identify in the songs influences unique to the time (Pink Floyd, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull, King Krimson, Yes, Frank Zappa, & David Bowie's adaptation of the same). The song credits and years of origin follow.

1. The Invitation: A 1978 choral assignment. 

2. Wakes and Weddings 1973 

3. Need to know 2001 Written for the show. Inspired by a New York Times editorial on gwbush 

4. Never Too Sure1979 

5. Reflections of the Sky 1974 

6. The Corner of Your Life 1978 adapted from a lyric by tony evangelista 

7. Without A Word 1979 

8.Flower Gardens 1977 lyric by jean free 

9. The Will 1970 

10. No Acceptance 1973 

11. Wish he Was With You (Stoke the Coals) 1978 Adapted from the lyric by Tony Evangelista. Singers note the 2 octave vocal range. 

12. I Love You Much 1979, from a larger work entitled love song 

13. Quiet Moment 1999 

14. When You're Near my Arm1980 

15. Barbara Broadcast 1985 

16. Take Me Tonight (Original title: Nosferatu) 1980 

tonight's cover song, Mack the Knife, is by Weil, Brecht & Blitzstein 

17. Crime Wave 1980 

18. Reprise, Need to Know

Some of my happiest times have been in participation with the team efforts of this flexible and ever-improving ensemble of song interpreters. Thanks to Christine Evangelista and the Forest Hills Women's Club for the opportunity!

Murder by Music score copyright 2001 cinema vii

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