Cinema VII


a mini-opera for Francesca and Paolo



Performed in March, 2010, by The Steppes during the Dramatizing Dante Festival of The Brooklyn Playwrights' Collective,
at Manhattan Theatre Source.  Triptych Paintings by Sam Moree.  
Kat Yew as Francesca, Mike Hill as Paolo, with guitar by Annie Levay and keyboard by Peter Dizozza.  

After the deaths of Paolo and Francesca (at the hands of Francesca's husband), they arrive at the gate of paradise. Francesca gets there first.

Once united, they begin their parachute descent, past Mount Purgatory, to land (melting through the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink, over which Prometheus presides) into Dante's hurricane of lost souls.

Inspired by Dante's writing,

with acknowledgement of Tchaikovsky's Op. 32, Francesca da Rimini.

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