Transcription of sounds sung or uttered by Peter Dizozza

in the Steak and Potatoes' 1976 recording of 


The Philosophers' Rock in Austin

-- Say Bill, what's the problem?

-- Can't say now. I gotta run.

-- What's the hurry?

-- Well let me tell you there's a

Stone* that surrounds us and my mind odes to linger there.

"Strange life reaction" it's a -- thirst for grease.

When the situation starts to clear, I need another foggy feast,

So open up the doors I feel the terrors of the fair --

Come in! Come in! Come in! Come in!

You were a friend of mine -- luck was yours -- and to-

Gether we held people like a chain of stores, and I

Wanted them as mine but I just could not waste the time.

Uh huh.

Yes, we still have fun;

We're still quite young.

Still we perch upon these cliffs;

These cliffs I cuddle now with a change of taste

Developing like drying paste.

The sun blares down as I move cracking here and there.

My shadow roles and fuses

Over and inside jaggers and spikes

Until it stops and you turn your head for you

Feel it resting upon your back.

Well you may as well just lie and accept the pain my dear.

It's more comf'terbul than moving, PLUS it mothers you with fear.

I believe that strongly acid thoughts will set a mind eroding.

Are you a person or a powder nestling in the rocks?

For an obsession worth a dollar, can you risk missing a minute?

No. All I ever needed was a place to rest my weary bones.

Though I tell you everything you'll never learn the truth. It was a

Show of conversations in a telephone booth. And

You were a friend of mine -- luck was yours -- and to-

Gether we held people like a chain of stores; and I

Wanted so to love you for forever and a day...

Rock to Sand illustration from the Sally Sunshine Book

But it was a good time

To transcend understanding

And turn into an audience

And then into a crowd. (REPEATS)



















Copyright, Peter Dizozza

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* Stone link, "The Extraction of the Stone of Madness" by Hieronymous Bosch.