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NOSFERATU, a Symphony of Horror

Sitting looking forlornly out at the sea
Dreaming pictures of places he'll be --
"Please God, nothing must harm him / Or if
Something must happen / You'll make me die."

Sitting looking forlornly into the deep
She's got very good reason to weep.
"I'm trapped in this awful / Castle.
Everyone's crazy, / And so am I!
"I'm lost to the daytime / And nothing can save me.
I can not be ransomed / I can't be retrieved!"

Next best thing to a love song -- / "So long,"
Go on a voyage, / Never return.

He's lost / and nothing can save him,
Not a miracle, / Not when he wants to stay.
He'll say, / "I'm lost to the daytime,
Not the nighttime. / It claims a part
But anyway / You know you've got my heart."

He'd left her with his sisters.
She has resisted all their concern.
Seems she's sighted at midnight
Down by the seaside, they've learned.
Though they try to console her, / Hold her,
Nothing disuades her. / She only gets worse.

Time goes twittering by while
Empires die and businesses fold.
She's becoming exhausted,
This is because she's grown old.
Still she is waiting, / Stating,
"Give me no solids / When I have a thirst.

"Oh, please take me with you. / I'm sick of your sisters.
From earthly existence please / Take me away.

"'Cause I'm lost, / But I know you'll save me
From this misery / Where everything is weak.
"I see / Us wandering together
For forever. / Though we're apart,
You always have, / And will have, my heart.

"'Cause I'm lost in the daytime! / I pray you will save me.
Oh, please come and / Take me away!
"I'll blow out the candle! / I'll put out the light,
If only you'll take me tonight. / Take me tonight!" 

1978, Peter Dizozza

(notes from the lyric book of 1983) Edward Downes was so enraptured by the intoxicating nihilism of Wagner's theatre glorifications, and I so moved by his emotion, that I thought I'd attempt to capture it in 5 minutes or less. Opera lover that he was, he taught music history at the Queens College Music Department while I was a student there. I believe his father was the considerably more famous critic Olin Downes. Most impressive at the time was that Edward lived in the Dakota, and was a neighbor of John and Yoko, and Lenny.

It is to him that this delightful summary song is dedicated.

Exciting performances: The Dotson Sisters helped devise the three sisters version and performed it at various places including a "Bill Bogg's" show at then disco, Sybils, at the NY Hilton. It was one of Debbie Dotson's favorite originals. What was Bill Boggs doing there? Does anyone remember him over the homeless woman? I think of him as a poor man's David Frost or George Plimpton, but I'd like to know more.

Note that the Murnau film of the same name adapted the Stoker Dracula and both feature a real estate broker attempting to close a sale with the famed aristocrat while the broker's wife awaits him at home. Of course, Murnau highlighted the broker's wife, gave her telepathy and had her left with the broker's sisters. Who, after seeing his film, can forget the great moment when she waits at the sea shore

 and the sisters come to collect her?

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