The Neighborhood of
Forest Hills

It's all restored now.

September, 1997

I lived in Forest Hills from birth (1958) until 12 years ago when I moved to the East Village. Parents and friends who still live there keep me active as music director for an annual Women's Club Show and as a fill-in pianist for West Side Tennis Club cocktail parties. I'm even a member of the Forest Hills Men's Club (Jack's doing a great job as president.  2002 Update:  Peter Vairo is President.  I'm one of the Vice-Presidents.).

It's a lovely community filled with wonderfully fine people, interested in discovering and appreciating new talent, (thirty of whom attended the performance).

I offer the following (and gratefully appreciate more information) regarding the community's performing arts history. One of the first Forest Hills residents was the silent film star, Lewis Stone, featured in the great Grand Hotel, Shirley Temple movies and, more memorably for me, in the great dinosaur film: THE LOST WORLD (1925).


Forest Hills Neighborhood: The Roaring Twenties (WB 1939, JimmyCagney's unattainable love interest moves there after she marries the D.A..)

Forest Hills' "West Side" Tennis Club: Strangers on a Train (WB 1951) It's another legendary Hitchcock film. I think Farley Granger had won the U.S. Open before starring in this incredible film.)

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