Cinema VII Presents:
        The Night Gallery -- Art, Photo & Picture Show Progressions.  Collect 'em all

Cinema VII Gallery Visits:  

The Hudson River Museum The Color of the Moon

The Art of Defiance at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

Also visit the Photo Index in the Early Romantic Enlightenment Website

Mary Help of Christians Church Gallery, 440 East 12th Street, New York, New York  10009 

The Municipal Building Exhibit in the Surrogate Courthouse across the Street

New! Post Coppelia Performance Party.

1.  Photos from "The Eleventh Hour" Staged Reading at SideWalk with Cockroach, Toby Goodshank, Abbey Soft and Kimya Dawson.

The Summer 2001 Antifolk Fest Photos...

2.  Cinema VII Graphic Advertisments

3.  Peter Dizozza's Jack and Jill Storyboard provided to Professor Roy Huss.

4. A Visit to D.C. What kind of minimalist tourism is that?  Feast your eyes on a miniature mythological treasure at the Museum of Natural History.
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5. Stills from Cinema VII's VHC tape, dated 1/30/96, of Anthology Film Archives' Opening of Kenneth Anger's Icons Exhibit.
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6.  Introducing The Photo-Art of Tom Ruth

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7.  You call that Florence?

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8.  "Prepare to Meet Your Maker" Photoplay

9.  Video stills from "The Eleventh Hour" Staged Reading at La Tea with Jeff Lewis and Cheryl LaRosa.

10.  Early Cinema VII

11.  Stills from a visit to the Bronx Zoo

12.  Theatre for the New City's 2001: A Downtown Stage Oddity hosted by Charles Busch

12a.  Theatre for the New City's 2006 Halloween Party...

13.  The Throne Dance Theatre's Final-New Future Concert, 12/15/2001

14.  The Central Park Antifolk Revue of October 29th, 2001

The Event Horizon -- Sunrise / Sunset

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