Angels: Tour of the Vultures (Dizozza, 1976), Dear Gentle Viewer, Angels: Tour of the Vultures is an expressionist documentary consolidating 16mm footage shot in 1976 with the footage found in the large film canister pictured at the beginning of the film.  Except for the shot of the vultures descending, from “Diana in Africa” (I thought Sigourney Weaver played her in a movie -- Wrong!), all footage was either shot by Dizozza and collaborators Jeff Marino, Louis Filosa, Mark Logan and Edward Dimaio, or was taken from that canister.   The canister came into Jeff’s possession upon the death of his grandfather -- his father’s father.  Three generations of his family are seen in the film as he and his friends stand at the crossroads to college and the future.  Follow in footsteps of forefathers (become a third generation proctologist?) or embark upon his own path?  He is a successful film editor today, married, two daughters, spouse to artist Kathleen Sweeney.  Filosa?  Married to Ms. Mineo, Baldwin, Physical Therapist.  Logan?  Married to Ms. Budd, triplets, Rohayton.  High end furniture maker.  Dimaio?  Married, Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin.  Poet.   Dizozza, as some of you may know, become a spy in the house of law and continues to antagonize people to the present day with his short attention span redefinitions of the term, entertainment. 

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