Peter Dizozza wrote the mini-play, "Associative Behavior" in March, 2007 for performance on March 22 at a "Plays by Lawyers" Night at the New York City Bar Association.  

Its first staged reading, directed by Mark Mitchell, occurred on June 11th 2007 as part of "Beyond the Pale," a one act festival at the Neighborhood Playhouse.

"Associative Behavior," a short play for Four Characters, 

Setting:  An evaluation room within a US Immigration and Naturalization Service Office, somewhere on Stewart Avenue in Garden City, New York.  

Ethel Vong, Uncle Sid, Manager and Evaluator Klarf

15 pages of dialogue, ending with "Somewhere Under the Radar," a song in 16 measures.   

Evaluator Klarf and Ethel Vong -- A Posed Photograph (Hersey & Bryce)

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