12 Performances, November and December 1992


QUIRK Productions Presents

Legs Like These

The Myth of Atalanta

A Comedy of Lovers by Neil Ericksen

Directed by Peter Dalto with Music by Peter Dizozza

The One Dream Theatre

232 West Broadway, Three blocks below Canal at Horth Moore St.

Lighting Design:  David Bell

Set Design:  Jennifer Wilmshurst

Costume Design: Chloe Richer

Stage Manager:  Christinge Califra

An adventure of youth, love and fable filled with laughter, verse and song.  


Feaburing:  Laura A. Spaith

Steven Liebhauser

*Ron Piretti

James O'Neill

Laurence Addeo

*Jennifer Roblin

Portia Johnson

*Laura Fois


*AEA Members


LEGS LIKE THESE,  a verse adaptation of The Myth of Atalanta


Written by Neil Ericksen

Equity Showcase Production by QWIRK in 1992at the One Dream Theatre

Music and Vocal/Choral Score by Peter Dizozza

Directed by Peter D'Alto


with Laura Spaith

Laura Fois

Jennifer Wilmhurst provided paintings sets and costumes.  


Soundtrack Recordings at Electric Ladyland Studio A with Laura Fois, Ron Perretti, and Peter Dizozza 

Track List:

Forbidden Ecstasy

Drink Songs

Enter the Bar

A Fay 'O

Wine Wine

Go and Chase

Legs Like These

Venus and Melonion 




Enter The Bar

A Fay 'O


Legs Like These the mp3!



From another Neil Ericksen Play --  oh yes, it's Meg O' My Heart!  


A Dollar, A Collar, I'm Dead


My true love took a dollar And bought him self a coke
He grabbed me by the collar, and nearly made me choke. 
On the ground I holler, a sorry yell for that
I wish I had that dollar I'd buy myself a Hat

If only for a nickel I'd catch a quick plane out
But he purloined my nick-el And shows him self about 
A silver buckle 'round his waist so slim he wore 
About this place he wound an ocean covered shore!
An Island on, I Found my self, the Ocean water roared! 
Could not swim for safety and I was getting bored! 

My true love took a dollar and my what was worse. 
He grabbed me by the collar 
And Now His Name I Curse! 
Now His Name I Curse. 


Hey Big Boy  


(The song-title links are to MIDI files!)


PD note:  The score is choral neo-classical, plus the usual blues-ey folk rock and pop.  Among the cast was the fantastic singer, Laura Fois.  


After having already written the score, I met the author, who bore passing resemblance to General George Armstrong Custer as portrayed by Errol Flynn, and promptly broke-out-into hives.