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Synopsis of   The Musical Religious Mystery Play

Photos by Bob Strain from the First Eight Performances

Read Tony Hightower*'s Description Here

* Tony played Quasimodo in the 1999 revival!

Episode I  /  Eposide II  /  Eposide III, IV  Eposide V, VI, the end.

Locales: Cemetery/Ordered World/Mt. Ararat/US/Mediterranean/Alexandria

ENTR’ACTE: Peter Gabriel guards The Ordered World, a gated community within a cemetery, asking all visitors who seek admittance whether they have been to the baptist.

Episode I: A dirty cindergirl, Ouanchu Innmee, knocks at the gate. Because she is not baptized, it is closed to her.

Ouanchu Innmee tries to enter the gatte Community

She leaves the cemetery in search of a baptist. She meets one at a Turkish Bathhouse, but he shuns her advances.

Ouanchu tries to be baptized

She cleans herself, dances for his beheading

The dance of the seven veils

and returns with his head ("I even kissed the Baptist."). Peter Gabriel admits her into the Ordered World and, at the banquet table during dinner, introduces her to her maker ("Mummy!").


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