(In April, 2015 for a staged reading in Bali directed by Tyr Throne with music direction by Robert McDonough, and forever thereafter, THE OCEAN FLOATERS and its sequel, THE NEW FLOATER FAMILY became...)


FLOAT, (2015)

by Peter Dizozza

Produced on the stage of Theater for the New City to occur during its 

DREAM UP FESTIVAL -- press release.

Sam Moree Art - The Four Elemental Families surrounding the boatThomas Wilson Photograph

Additional material by Tyr Throne and Robert McDonough

Audio Visual Document links below:

April 2015 Bali Staged reading

September 2015 Act 1

September 2015 Act 2

October 2015 Bali Production

Audio Recordings http://dizozza.bandcamp.com/album/the-ocean-floaters-the-score-for-float-act-1



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