Shoeshine Records organized Matt's Tour of London, Manchester & Glasgow.  I organized my own -- with your help.  Thank you! -- around his, based upon my schedule and the schedule of Kimberly Mossel.  

I played with Aiko and Magoo at 12 Bar on January 30th, 2002 and one of the audience members wrote about it, in Japanese -- 

It looks like this:

【peter dizozza】(8:50-9:15)

Maki Fujita's translation follows:  

"About the article...

"'A honcky-tonk Piano man from East Village, NY America. Anyway, the audience loved him. I didn't understand a word, because it was very american English, but probably it was very funny. You can maybe call it, `Orthodox American Folk Song`?'

"I guess he never seen anything like your songs before....
This person came to see Kaito from England this evening, he said... MAKI" 

These images are from January 25th through February 3rd, 2002.