A 1975 Song Suite.

Echoing depressingly flamboyant works of Edgar Allen Poe (such as In a Kingdom by the Sea), Peter Dizozza (me) wrote "The Loved One Piano Vocal Suite" to depict a fellow resigning from society to spend his day with his dearly beloved, deceased.  It does not appear from the script that the vocalist and the deceased ever met before her passing.  

The location is the lone plateau.  

The three parts are


Afternoon -- with dialogue segment



Another version of The Loved One Evening appears on the Variety Backlash Album.  

The performance of the complete work so miraculously available here, is from 1977.  It is just a tape cassette recording of a rehearsal at the apartment of Tenor Ralph Wade.  Philip Martorella was the pianist.  Ralph was the singer.  And yes, I participated in the dialogue, in addition to providing the script and detailed piano score.  


Ralph asked to perform this piece at a party he was having, which is why we were rehearsing it....  Ralph was a friend of Arbie Orenstein's.  They both taught at the Queens College music department where I was then a sophomore.  -- Ralph Wade introduced me to singer/songwriter Roy Katz. 

As for The Loved One, the title is from an Evelyn Waugh novel about the the business of death in the US.  Louis Filosa (Asolif Sioul), an friend who provided most of my opinions at the time, suggested I take a break from writing grand opera (The Augusteia) to write a necrophilia song about the potential one-sidedness of love.  

The Loved One returned to wreak havoc on the already overwrought in the 1996 musical mystery play, Prepare to Meet Your Maker.  

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