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Peter Dizozza is ASCAP member #1629133.

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Many of these songs are orphans, available to you through the Cinema VII Adopt a Song program.







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All songs Copyright 1967-2005 by Peter Dizozza.  This page is organically under construction as I am always writing more music as it comes to me in my notepad.


Grouped by Decade 



I Love the Law (Music from I Love My Girl)

Hold On

Let Your Life Begin



Find Me a River (alternate lyric title: The Dean is on Our Side)

Straight for Your Heart

I Love My Girl

Passion Fruit Preserves

Song for the Penultimate Day of the Year (Music from Steinway Street Song 2)



A Good Way to Be

The Chimney Flu/Heigh Ho

Wonderful Girl

Bride of X-Man



Songs of The Golf Wars (album)

Prepare to Meet Your Maker Soundtrack (album)



The Last Dodo Soundtrack (album)

Pro-Choice on Mental Health (album)



Hell Hole

Come Out

Where Do We Go For Love

We Will Understand

Golden Age

Peaceful Revelry



Almond Eyes

Going Away

The Wayside

Outside the Wake World, Jane's song from Mark of The Librarian (a short novel)

Legs Like These Oratorio, words by Neil Ericksen


Convertible Soundtrack (lyrics by Elizabeth West Versalie, prod. David Wechsler)





2 personal favorites 

Lazy Eyes (The Prisoner of Zelda) 


The Four Comments (The Black Pit Comment and The Other Three)

The Line

and, from Witchfinders, White Moon.



A Horse at Sea

Back to the Womb -- newly discovered!

Briarwood *

Dealing With My Friends *

Free Psychiatry

Love Song  -- a segment of this song, entitled "Love You Much" appeared in Murder by Music and Gone With The Dot Coms.  



Rock to Sand *

Sadder Yesterday *

Storm Cloud (song)

The Loved One

* mp3 links to live recordings with Steak and Potatoes (the band)



Why Fight It?


If You Want Me

I'm Tired

Beach Ball Babies

Paris Must be Lovely

The Will

I Don't Know.  I Don't See Anymore.

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow


Early Albums (text files from 1988 to 1996.)  


Variety Backlash, a 60 minute audio tape collection

           Side One

      1.      Intro

This piece is title music for Jeff Marino's silent film of T.S. Eliot's poem, "Sweeney Among the Nightingales."


     2.      The 10th Melologue


     3.      Never Too Sure  -- LYRIC LINK

                      A song about an actor and actress who met during the filming of "Sweeney."


     4.   Riveted (sung to someone with an incomprehensibly  expensive cocaine habit) 


     5.      The Loved One, Part III (Evening)

A mysterious recording of the final section of a 15 minute musical theatre piece about necrophilia.  


     6.      The Gentleman Farmer

This early fragment is from a collection of "Revox" Recordings, courtesy of George Sahagan, my first piano teacher. 


     7.      Introducing Steak and Potatoes

                    Bass:  Gary Colter 

                    Guitar: Dave Lontos 

                    Drums: Lou Filosa 


     8.      Crime Wave -- a song of U.S. economics in the 80's.

This recording is Steak and Potatoes' version of the song.  (I joined the band in high school.)


     9.      So Unplanned -- a New York City song.

Also a Steak and Potatoes version.


     10.      A Circular Reason

This spiral music began a 2 minute improvisation.


     11. The Moth Signal

A musical setting of an infidelity poem by Thomas Hardy. 


     12.      No Future

          Vocal with Sara Brandell 


     13.  Recorded readings from my rare book collection


a) from Crimes of the Genital Sense.  ("Hereditary blemishes.")  The person credited with authorship of this limited interest book is Dr. Jacobus X.  The music playing in the background is from the Sleeping Beauty ballet by Sergie Prokofiev. 

          b) From The Apocryphal Gospel of Thomas the Apostle ("Dost thou not know that I am thine?") Music:  Selection from a Music of Puerto Rico EP (RCA)  ("Mi Loca Tentacion" by Paco Lopez Vidal, performed by Rafel Munoz's Orchestra.  Vocal by Victor Luis Miranda)


Side 2


14. A Cameo Appearance by Roy Katz:  'Cause I Love You

                    Vocal: Roy Katz

                    Production: Steve Skinner

                    Guitar: Steve Conte

                    Music written with Roy Katz

                    Lyric by Roy Katz


15 & 16. Songs from The Paul Ratz Show; Book and Lyrics by Richard Vetere


                   Never Forget the Dead


17.  Wish He Was With You (Stroke the Coals)

                    Lyric: Tony Evangeliste

                    Vocal:  The Dotson Sisters


18. On My Mind


19.  Movin' in the Groove with My Baby

              Lyric: Horace Linsley


     20.  Donna's Engine's Always Running

                    Vocal with Jane Williams

                    Production: Jane Williams


21.      Prelude #1  (diminishing intervals)

This piece is one of the six piano preludes that precede the "Suicide" Sonata.


     22.      Wallflowers


     23.      Trailing


     I acknowledge credit not otherwise indicated,


This collection, copyright 1989, by Peter Dizozza, is subject to all prior copyrights.



Peter Dizozza's SURE SURE SURE

                                    a 90 minute audio tape

               Side One 


               1. The Night Before the Big Ball

                  It's Too Late, Carol King Toni Stern 


               2. You Made Me Love You, Joe Monaco

                  Paris Must be Lovely


               3. Sure It Was Right


               4. Wish He Was With You (Stroke the Coals) 

                    Lyric:  Tony Evangeliste 

                    Vocal with Josh Melville 


               5. Mia Amante

                    Lyric: Josh Melville


               6. Love Us Together


               7. Let's Go


               8. The Army Jingle

                    Written with Roy Katz

                    Back Vocals: Jeannie Gagne

                                 Jane Williams

                    Studio Courtesy of Jeff Tozer


               9. Robbing ‑‑ Peter to Paul

                    Lyric:  Barbara Weltsek


               10. Your Pain or Mine or the World's

                    Lyric: Susan Davidowitz


               11. Excerpt, Cartoon Soundtrack

                    From "Coal Black and de Zeben Dwarbves,"

                     Warner Brothers, 1942.


     12. The Magic of Your Dreams

            Lyric: Tony Evangeliste

            Vocal: Deborah Dotson, with two male back‑ups.


               13. Crowded Avenue

                    Whistling:  Jeffrey Marino


     14. Introducing the Piano in the Exeter University Rec Room.


     15. Birthday Baby


     16. Excerpt, The Letter, "Z"

         from Z, Costa Gravas.


                Peter Dizozza's SURE SURE SURE (continued)

                   a 90 minute audio tape


               Side 2

               (2/22/89.  A heavy dose, 17 ‑ 21.)


          17. Barbara Broadcast

              Dedication: Barbara Stanwyck, Double Indemnity


               18. Crooked Straight


               19. Free Psychiatry


               20. Tropical Depression


               21. Welcome Home


               22. Lost

                    Lyric: Tony Evangeliste


               23. It's Not the Same Without You

                    Lyric: Tony Evangeliste


               24. Conversation:  Debbie Kent, Nick Dizozza


               25. Dancer

                    Lyric: Tony Evangeliste


               26. The Love has Gone

                    Lyric: Tony Evangeliste


               27. You Never Went

                    Lyric: Marnie Goltsman


               28. Nosferatu

                    Vocal: Monica Dizozza


               29. Prelude #6


               I acknowledge credit not otherwise indicated, 


This collection, copyright 1989, by Peter Dizozza, is subject to all prior copyrights. 


               (Review of) Variety Backlash.  March 2, 1989


               Primal (not primitive) beckoning back to a pre-techno era.

               Yet, a throw-ahead to an age of self examination in an era

               of modern sophistication.


               Peter, as always, your material is a refreshing breath of

               fresh air in an often-polluted environment of pompous

               intellectuousity.  You seem to write for the pleasure of its

               creation.  The beauty of your songs lie not in any

               simplicity of structure, but rather the depth of self

               examination you delve into.

                    I believe a universality is created when one explores a

               common denominator.  Fear, love, hate, anger, frustration, a

               sense of wonderment appear to be primary figures in your


                    Peter, your exploration into the human psyche is as

               literary as the ancient writings of Aristotle, Plato, thru

               Shakespeare to Kafka and Mann.  Your instrument is the scale

               of the piano.  The vehicle is a song.

                                             Your friend,



Willows in the Wild West

               1. Trailing:  This is a Run Away from the Relationship Song.

               2. Pet:  This song documents a failed attempt at keeping distance between "master" and "pet."

               3. Stay With Me:  Is there any reasoning in this request?

               4. Willows  Instrumental stages toward breaking loose.

               5. But Not Forgotten:  The singer reinterprets the old cliche, out of sight, out of mind.

               6. Birthday Baby:  The lineage continues right on past the aborted generation in this song.

               7. Summerset:  The funeral's over.  It's time to relax on the hammock in the August heat.

               8. Purely incidental:  A stroll around the garden.

               9. Wish A word:  If you don't speak your mind, others will

               assume their wishes are yours.

               10. Common pool:  In the bathhouse is the tide pool of life.

               11. Poverty row: The Republic Pictures Movie Lot, revisited,

               or is it just the East Village.

               12. Wake Up in the Same Dream       A Married Person's

               Cruisin' Song from a poem by Susan Davidowitz


               Poverty Row (The instrumental tracks)

               Can't Get Enough:  Sung by Monica Dizozza.

               You Hurt Me:  Sung by Maria Guccione.






1.   Out at Bay:  You left me stranded out here and my fondness and admiration for you just grows.


2.   Old Again, Young Again:  As did Anne Rice on the dedication page of her Mummy book, I direct your attention to the novel, She, by H. Ryder Haggard.

          (Four track version)


3.   Pushy (Aren't we all?)  (Four track version)


4.   Common Pool:  In the bath house we find the tide pool where self-contained life packets congeal and disperse.  (Four track version)


5.   Crime Wave:  The overflow comin' from an undertow causes the crime wave.  A vocally abusive version from the sound of this recording.


6.   No Sa Mai/The Way International:  After the nonsense words comes the bidding farewell at the work place.  (This particular recording features my father near the end of it telling me I have a phone call.)


7.   The Moth Signal:  Thomas Hardy's infidelity poem set to music. (a four track version)


          8.   Without a Word:  Everyone is old here.  This boy's father is dead, he stands to inherit something, and all he wants is his best friend.  (A four track version)


9.   Debbie Dotson's extended vocal of Queen of the Hearts Club, from Richard Vetere's Paul Ratz Show.


10. St. Paul Lady:  Tony Evangeliste wrote lyrics about a girl in every city.  Back vocal and then percussion: Tony.


11.  Wish a Word (performed on an ancient 55 key piano).


12. Birthday Baby (4 track version with alternate vocal)

Clarification:  This zombie trance song extends the act of fetal abortion to fellatio.


     Mozart excerpt.  The Abduction from Seraglio. 




60m tape -- piano vocal, March, 1983


Side 1


"We have to make a tape for Dan Schwartz"  

1.     Suffer Song, first recording.  Lyric by, and Vocal with, Mary Robinson.

2.     Babies (Have you seen my Baby?)  Early recording.  I was overwhelmed at the time but this song should have two parts.  It begins with the bragging of one of the two babies, and ends with the suggestions of an observant airborn hawk.

3.     Beached (Lunar forces bring two bodies together on the beach during low tide after midnight.)

4.   I said I would/I'll never forget him.  (A "Shoot the Piano Player" ending came later.)

5.   Only You.  (A barren landscape.)

6.     Powerplay Medley:  Gift in the Morning/Work & Play/Tomorrow Come Lately (lyric by Richard Vetere)

7.     Without a Word  

Side 2

a) Birthday Baby

b) Poverty Row

c) Resumption Prayer

d) Pet

e) The Barbara Broadcast (My Elton John take on Fred McMurray, responding to Ms. Stanwyck in Double Indemnity).

f) Crooked Straight (another insecure "male" response to the feminine presence.)




Suffer song ending.  "The Wave Zone"






Scotch 90 m.  Guitar Tests 


Lazy Eyes, one verse


Lazy Eyes, with second verse


== Lazy Eyes, Take Three, with three verses


Don't you think that I?


Don't you think that I? with extension -- slower

again without stopping.  Stiffen the Tie that Binds

into Lazy Eyes, again.


I wanted someone like you (The Animals!)


Trailing (fast)


Halfway to Nowhere, with Enfant chords


Don't you think that I?   With continuous drum beat.


Now, Tell Me Now!


Amy Sends Me Out There



Sept. 4, 1993 DAT

Engineer:  Michael Whyte

Assistant:  Susan McKenna


1.  Wish a Word

2.  Old Again/Young Again

3.  Out of Control (Adam Vane Version)

4.  Crooked Straight

5.  Almond Eyes


From Legs Like These, Words by Neil Ericksen

6.  Go and Chase

     vocal with Ron Peretti

7.  Venus and Melanion

8.  Forbidden Extacy

     vocal with Ron Peretti & Laura Fois

9.  Enter The Bar

     vocal with Ron Peretti & Laura Fois

10.  Legs Like These

     vocal:  Laura Fois

11.  A Fay 'O

     vocal:  Laura Fois

12.  Donna's Engine's Always Running

     Guitar:  Kenny Nowell

13.  Mark of the Librarian

     Vocal:  Laura Fois

14.  Margaret O'Hanlon's Brooklyn with her Brother


other side


From Androcles

1.  You are You

     Words:  Helen Slayton Hughes

     Music written with Helen

     Vocal:  Brian Johnson and


2.  Bury Your Sword

     Words:  Helen Slayton Hughes


That's the Way into


3.  Mark of the Librarian (1994 Winter Frolic Performance)

4.  Legs like These

     Vocal:  Laura Fois


From Girl of the Limberlost

5.  That's the Way

     Words:  Helen Slayton Hughes

     Music written with Helen

     Vocal:  Laura Fois & Helen Slayton Hughes


From Androcles

6.  Creeping Things

     Words:  Helen Slayton Hughes

     Vocal:  Peter Foley, Adam Vane & Ken Vega

Titles Tracks

Outside the Wake World 1, 2, 5
What Good You've Done Me 3, 4, 6
Home In Time 7
Let Me Be 8, 22
Powerplay Medley 9
Work and Play 10
I Can Get a Man a Job 11
Birthday Baby 12
The Barbara Broadcast 14
Two Lovers on Tomorrow's Road 15, 24
No Problem There 16, 21
Wallflowers 17
Our Own Home Town 18, 29
Tomorrow Isn't What It Used to Be 19, 20
Crime Wave 23
Crooked Straght 25
Old Again Young Again 26
Wish a Word 27
With You and Alone 28
Marching dialogue 30
Marching 31, 32

The Functionally Insane -- 1989-90

Peter Dizozza performs

You Never Went (Lyric by Marnie Goltsman)
That's All Folks Instrumental
The Goodbye Years (Going Away)
Out On Our Own
The Line, Now I Draw
The Four Comments
Lazy Eyes
Put Our Love Behind
Amy Sends Me Out There
Someone Like You
Now, Tell Me Now
Out At Bay
Almond Eyes (from ELL 1993 Studio A Recording)
Through the Mirror