Here you have the lyrics to the three part song, with the etchings beside them.  

Listen to Sadder Yesterday (written and performed in1974)

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A Comedy of Personality

My former wife, the housefly.  Hi!I remember well.
Flies in the bed, they're three feet wide.
Busying about, they're guests in the house.
Hospitality always seems to be best for our old pals.

So my daughter's in trouble.
Happen soon or later.
Let's discuss.
La la la.
The gopher footed

Rats her former husband, busy with the food, and I am such a great conversationalist. Oh
What a day for a reunion.
I love to get together for a talk. Oh
What a day for a reunion.
I love to get together for a talk.
-- Violets. Withered violets.
Gather together, take the plastic off the chairs.
And wasn't it a week at the racket club.

Violets.  Withered Violets My daughters been destroyed and I knew it all along and I knew not what to do.
My daughter's lost her mind and what do you do?
It wasn't really my fault, what do you do?
And if you don't....
The outcome was quick. I was told without delay.
I tend to reflect, it was sadder yesterday.
Business today.
To bad we meet on such a troublesome occasion.
Ah the family is dead, keep the family!
Ah the family is dead, keep the family?
Ah the family is dead, Keep the family.
The family is dead.
Living in Nassau is lovely. Wish I had that house across the way.
We can dance down the sidewalks in Nassau.
Happy and living for today.

Improving the Community The kids have their school and I have my job, well.
Everything is settled.
But my former wife the house fly -- former wife the house fly. Former wife the house fly.
There are plans for improvement. Improving the community.
Building a dynasty.
Preserving what we have, oh yeah.

© 1974 Cinema VII

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