click on tree to hear a 1974 live recording by Steak and Potatoes (Gary Colter, Peter Dizozza, Lou Filosa & Dave Lontos) with Monica Dizozza at Archbishop Malloy High School. 


You can't live up to Briarwood 

And yet you always think you should, but 

Things have changed.  They're not the same 

As what we believed they were 


Living with the statuettes, you 

Find the shape that suits you best 

And learn to meet those folks again 

In hard up days to come 




And you can't live up to Briarwood 

That's why we know it must be good 

It's not the time to understand 

To know what we're lying on. 


Since the day I met you I knew 

Love would always bind our hearts 

But we have grown.  Though just the same, 

We slowly have torn apart 



And though you make the study of this master plan 

You never really know just What goes on, 

Just bits and pieces of the structure. 

And like those in charge you know there's more than you see, 

As Briarwood is a growth of many minds. 

For this bundle of society to form has taken time. 


(End of Part One) 

                    Briarwood (Part Two) 


You're body is diseased; it's being Eaten Away 

It starts from the inside and then One Day 

The disease breaks through and you are Filled With Holes 

When you looked so good just a Short While Ago. 


Sitting on a chair in a Flourescent Room 

Eating up your hands as you Wonder Who 

Are the people waiting with you who are _-_Not_- Anymore 

But you're happy there together 'cause you've seen them All Before 


Unable to control where your Mind Will Go 

Periods of darkness, then a Time To Show 

That you and I are both Still Here 

Though the time is growing short with the seconds made of fear. 


                    Briarwood (Continued) 


Wish I still had that House on the Hill, 

Stayed alive through this Matter of Will.  There we'd be 

Tearing faces just by Turning the Dial. 

Had dinner then hung Out for a While 

God I really walked in Style. 


(The Briarwood Walk) 


Yes I went out.  Played ball with the kids, 

Had dinner and then hung out for a while 

Sometimes went shopping.  Stopped off at Macy's. 

Always saw something that I had to buy. 


What a position I always was in. 

Gambling out the Days of the week. 

Worked as a gesture.  They needed me. 

A nice little branch out by the leaves. 


Oh what a time.  You should have been there. 

It was so easy, for we were all one. 

I can't figure out how I caught this disease. 


Ah.  And may we fight together 

Ah.  In the right, together.  May they 

All see through our Griefs 

To our beliefs 

With only their conversions in our Minds. 

That they not be blind! 

They understand that our purpose is single.  

That we are ... .That we all become equal. 



That we all are the best. 


But you can't live up to 

Briarwood.  You 

Laugh as though you 

Understood, but 

This has reality 

More than you or I 

For this bundle of society to 

Form has taken time. 

And Briarwood is a growth of many minds, yes 

Briarwood is a growth of many minds. 


                                  c 1975, Peter Dizozza 


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Visual reference:  Angels: Tour of the Vultures