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Meghan Elizabeth Burns as Cementeria.  Tony Hightower as Quasimodo.  Photo by Michael Perazzetti.



Originated by Peter Dizozza and Lisa Dery at the Fort @ Sidewalk, July 14, 1996 (Episodes 1-3) and September 30, 1996 (Episodes 4 & 5).

1st Performance: Culinary Loft, 515 Broadway. October 24th, 1996.

2nd & 6th Performance: La MaMa Galleria, December 29, 1996, & March 29th, 1997 at 6 East First Street (between 2nd Avenue and Bowery).

3rd and 5th Performance: Throne Dance Theatre, December 31, 1996, 10 P.M
and March 11, 1997, 137 Duane Street, # 203 (between Broadway and Church Street, 2 Blocks North of Chambers Street). 

4th Performance: The Looking Glass Theatre, January 1
1th, 1997,

7th Performance: 22 Below Cabaret, 155 East 22nd Street, April 5, 1997.

Anniversary Performance: The Fort @ Sidewalk, July 13, 1997

1999 Revival -- 16 Performances

9th & 10th Performances: The Williamsburg Art and Historic Society, Apocalypse 1999 Exhibit, October 21 & 22, 1999.  Videos by Disney Nasa Borg and Michael Perazzetti Asc.s.

Golden Fleece Square One Teaser, November 14th, 1999

Prepare to Meet Your Maker in concert at The Fort at SideWalk, videotaped by Michael Perazzetti.  

11th, 12th & 13th Performances: Throne Dance Theatre, November 19, 20 & 21

14th, 15th ("rimshot") & 16th Performances: Throne Dance Theatre, December 9th, 10th & 11th.

For performances 17-30 (and on for the original soundtrack recordings), Tony Hightower played the role Quasimodo.  

17, 18, 19 & 20 at Baby Jupiter, February 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2000

21, 22 & 23, midnight rock concert readings at Lach's Fort @ Sidewalk (dates?).

* A short performance for the Women's Club of Forest Hills with Drew Blood as Quasimodo and Laurel Hoffman as Cementeria -- date?.

#24 at Manhattan Theatre Source, 177 MacDougal, on August 20th, 2000. 

2002 Staged Sing-a-long Song-a-thon -- 6 Performances

25, 26, 27, 28, 29 & 30, performed on the third floor of The WAH Center, June 14-16 & 21-23, 2002,

Script and Score by Peter Dizozza.
Additional Material by Lisa Dery, Dan Emery, Steve Espinola, Colette Bryce, Kenny Davidsen and Tyr Throne.

Project Directed and Choreographed by Tyr Throne, except
1st performance, directed by Lisa Dery.

* People who have participated in the productions 1-8 *

Erika Belle
Colette Bryce
Alison Byers
Zane Campbell
Jamie Cosnowsky
Lisa Dery (Cementeria in performances 1 and 8)
Peter Dizozza
Dan Emery---NEW Dan Emery LINK!
Steve Espinola
Maki Fujita (Cementeria in performances 3 thru 6)
Charles Herold
Jo Hook
Beth Sacks
Tyr Throne
Debra Wakefield
Kerrigan Webb (Cementeria in performances 2 & 7)

Mediterranean painting by Faith Palmer-Persen.
Prop designed by Mark Napier.

The Revival Cast


Tony Hightower 

Meghan Elizabeth Burns

Linda Kobylinski 

Lauren Barret Porter 

Laurel Hoffman 

Kimberly Mossel 

Amy-Jo Mikiel

Diana Dunphy

Drew Blood 

Linus Gelber

Lisa Shred (Sredniawski)

Christopher West

Chris Chalfant

Sam Ferrel

Mami Kimura

Andre Johnson

Little Oscar

Dan Killian

Mayuko Minami

Rhiannon Erbach

RonnieJane Gannascoli

J.T. Casaubon

Zoi Floresz.

1-8 Videos by Faith, Mark, Bob Strain & Jonathan Berger.

9-24 Videos by Disney Nasa Borg, Tyr Throne, Debra Wakefield and Michael Perazzetti

Photoplay with photos from the first eight performances at http://www.cinemavii.com/synop.htm.

Soundtrack commenced production September 1st, 2001, Completed May, 2002

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