Stills from the 4th of 8 Performances during the summer of 2007 at Manhattan Theatre Source of 

2.2.2 (Hermaphroditism Through the Ages)  

Directed by Sarah Marck  

Orpheus and Euridice, Jim and Klara, Charlotte and Dr. Fricassee, the three couples, rule Beotia, Xuxu and Media, three islands, in three different time-zones, each illuminated by its own individual sun-ray.  This is not about the one-in-a-million emergence of a recessive gene.   Sexual identity is an active yin and yang exchange of plugs for sockets, sockets for plugs.  

Proposition:  Finding our inner hermaphrodite is the cure for war.  

Religious fundamentalism in Greek mythology?  We don't talk about an ancient Greek religion... we call it myth.   Those gods started their own wars.  

We begin 2.2.2 during the twilight of the gods.   Zealotry of belief in these gods?.  No.  Rather than fuel fundamental extremists, these gods are myth, but to the warriors on the island of Beotia, they still hold sway....

(There is a dynastic marriage of patriarch and pantheist in Zeus and Hera.)

Zeus:  "To forestall Armageddon, I will turn them into Hermaphrodites!"

Hera:  "They already are."  

(The hypothesis proposed later by Dr. Fricassee is that everyone is hermaphroditic.  He surgically facilitates the process of making emerge our inner hermaphrodite.  It is more naturally achieved through the practice of Yoga.)  


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