Hello, Hermaphrodites!  My Summer 2007 project was a production with Ed Malin and Maria Micheles, of a new musical mystery play.   I got my poetic license from Pedro Calderon.  Is it magic realism or just plain surrealism?   The dedication of this piece, 2.2.2 (Hermaphroditim Through the Ages) is to those who dare sever dada from surrealism.   It premiered in "Oh Happy Three," a collection of gender exploring one-acts produced by  Manhattan Theatre Source for its Straight from the Source Summer Series.  It ran for eight performances from August 6th through 16th.   Director:  Sarah Marck  A great new show!

Rehearsal Stills (July 25th at the Lambs Club)  

Stills from the 4th Performance. including a synopsis of the play!

Stills from the 7th Performance expanding a synopsis of the play!

Introducing 2.2.2...  The Drama Guild.  October 13th, 2006 -- Peter Dizozza with Kit Williams & Mike Allen Hill.  Photo by Maria Nevelson.

The postcard by Sam Moree that he and Sarah enlarged to create the canvas backdrop for the play.  

 Visit a volcanic string of islands, Beotia, Media, and Xuxu, each existing in different time zones, threatened with attacks from the others, each ruled by morphing couples, Euredice and Orpheus, Kara and Jim, and Charlotte and Dr. Fricassee, all three connected by an underground network ruled by a sorrowful Mole King.  For all his sorrow will he ever achieve forgiveness? 

The subtitle for this piece is Hermaphroditism Through the Ages.  

We played pre-performance canned music:  "The Lap of the Gods" by Freddie (Mercury) Bulsara.   

SONGS:   Mole King Intro/Common Folk of Beotia

                Only for a While

                Cacodylic Eyes

                We are Three (Lyric by Ed Malin)

                The Break, Something Better/While You Were Out

                Only for a While (Reprise)

Original Cast:

Mole King ... A. Michael Tilford

Orpheus ... James Edward Becton

Zeus ... Anthony Tsamboukos

Hera ... Toni Wickstrom

Euredice ... Emily Riordan

Duane ... Jeff House

Joy ... Stefania Diana Schramm

Furies ... Emily, Mike Allen Hill, Lydia Ooghe

Jim ... Mike

Klara ... Lydia

Dr. Fricassee ... Peter Dizozza

Charlotte ... Stefania

Aphrodite ... Jocelyn O'Neil

Directed by Sarah Marck

Press ... Lanie Zipoy

Stage Manager:  Lauren Arneson

Graphic Artist  (Pompei Fresco) ... Richard T. Scott

Graphic Artist (Canvas Backdrop) ... Sam Moree 

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"Provocative."  Aphrodite Jones

"Bring a Date."  Steve Espinola

"I'm not entirely convinced that Hermaphroditism isn't the cure for war."  Fiona Jones














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