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Dizozza blogspots are "Michaeldouglas" & "888"  Start your own online journal at

Peter Dizozza's MMMUSA Recordings of Songs of "The Golf Wars" is released by  Olive Juice Music.  

Your basic Antifolk Essentials may be found at Lach's Antifolk Site!

For those of you who believe Antimatters Magazines should be accessible to all:

Then there's Brad's Antifolk Fansite!

A super websource for worthwhile entertainment:

Soce, the Elemental Wizard delves into the ancient art of hip hop
spellcasting at!

A Dizozza (Dizozzus) song introduces Kitty Blue's new Love Interest at for you Disney Nasa Borg Fans for the latest in musical theatre...

Jon Berger's Antifolk Site & Table of Related Websites

Tony Hightower's Nervous Nero Site is not currently up.

Hens' site.

Tyr Throne's Health and Happiness Provider, the Evolutionary Foundation

Pierre Jelenc's Site (Home Office Records)

Paul Leicht's site is 

Mike Evans Photo pages

Wood Records released a compilation with previously released CVII Recording "The Song of Laughter and Forgetting" (from PConMH), a Neil Innes (Bonzo Dog Band) Compilation with a CVII recording of "Hello Mable," and a Harry Nilsson compilation with a CVII recording of "Without Her." 

The Insight -- ?

ONLINE TV, an increasingly complicated concoction of Rick Siegel

Filmmaker Kevin Smith's long term website is A View Askew.

Moses Avalon, author of Confessions of a Record Producer, has established a new site for navigating the Music Industry at

The original Cinema VII site was created in 1997 by Faith Palmer-Persen with Photos by Bob Strain, Bruce Victor, Faith Palmer-Persen and Peter Dizozza.

And for the Video Generation:

''Round and floating, ballerina,

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