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28 December 2009, Monday Open Stage   Peter Dizozza and Kat Yew introduce A Question of Solitude Theme Song (the James Bond Honeymoon) at SideWalk.   Youtube video by Ilya Shinkar.  

24 December 2009, Thursday   Monica Dizozza's Station Square Christmas Show with The Yuletides, Monica, Nicole and Mark Zivcovic, Pauline Elliot, Mary Ellen Driscoll, Chris King, Peter Archer on Trumpet, Peter Dizozza keyboard.  Forest Hills Station Square... youtube links:  Let There Be Peace on Earth (Thank you, Sheila Smith), Santa Baby and the Dizozza 1969 Christmas Carol, Silence in the Night (that's what it's all about, Charlie Brown.).     

15 December 2009, Tuesday A QUESTION OF SOLITUDE musical reading (leading toward SYMPHONIC OPERA) at La Mama e.t.c with Lee Beebout, Rajesh Bose, Cary Gant, Jason Howard, John-Andrew Morrison, Jenne Vath, T.D. White and Kat Yew, direction by George Ferencz.   

13 December 2009, Sunday   7-Lucas Carpenter -- (rock, r&b, folk and musical theater), 8-Bill Popp & the Tapes, 9-Peter Dizozza & the Stepdogs, 10-Nicole Reynolds, 11-Meghan Lastra.   

09 December 2009  A Christmas Codicil, The Rita Warner/ Bruce Turkel CLE Team for The New York American Inn of Court. 

07 December 2009, Monday --  Lambs Club Reading Series presents:  Violent Overthrow of the Government (and other family matters) by Philip J.Kaplan directed by Jill Tasker with Kay Arnold, Peter Dizozza, Alaina Hammond, Mike Hill, Doug Rossi, Robert Sherwood and Doug Stender.  .

02 December 2009, Wednesday  8:00 - A Tree Full of Owls (Play), by James Markland with J.J.Hayes as The Cosmic Muffin 8:45 - Peter Dizozza (also with Kaitlin Bailey and Mike Hill) 9:30 - Laura Brenneman 10:15 - Steve Espinola 11:00 - Brian Speaker   Special Guest Keyboard:1860 Vacuum Pump Organ, the American Melodeon, restored by Steve Espinola.   

27 November 2009, Friday --  Cabaret  at The New York Museum School, 333 W 17th Street

20 November 2009, Friday -- Peter Hosts Lambs Lo-Jinx

29 October 2009, Thursday  I HEART BOO Halloween 2 at SideWalk.  (I performed Diane Cluck's "Monte Carlo" and reprised Jason Trachtenberg's "You're the One Who's Made for Me.  I Was Made for You.").

25 October 2009, Sunday  11th Annual Fundraiser for The New York Society of Ethical Culture, Peter Dizozza, Kaitlin Bailey, Zach Pethoud, and Gargi Shinde,another amazing program curated by world music pianist Jon Liechty, who performed transcriptions of three Aberjhani folk songs.  Robyn Payne, mastered four Shirley Bassey songs accompanied by Mark Hartman.  Guitar songs by Adam McHeffey.

15 October 2009 Thursday Steppe Dogges 8PM set at SideWalk -- Kaitlin Bailey Peter Dizozza Mike Hill  

14-15 September 2009  Patricia Watt presents Stage Bites, a two evening one act festival at The Neighborhood Playhouse, introduced with music by The Steppe Dogges and William Falkenberg, with a concert reading preview of "A Question of Solitude," by Peter Dizozza, directed by George Ferencz..  Event page. 

13 September 2009  Sourcewriters read A Question of Solitude with Mike Hill as James Bond, Zach Pethoud as Uncle James, Sam Moree as Senior James, Mac Rogers as Blofield, Maz as Robert Bridgewell, Colette Bryce as Nurse Mortimer, Jacqueline Murphy as Fremda.

2 September 2009 Wednesday Steppe Dogges Kaitlin Bailey Monica Dizozza Peter Dizozza Mike Hill Gargi Shinde Zacharius   7:30-Peter Dizozza, 8:30-L.(Laura Theis from Germany)  9:15-Amy Campbell (from New Foundland!), 10-Slow Death and Loneliness, 11-Nate Shelkey  nice listing in sueddeutsche

13 August 2009 Thursday The 2009 Summer Anti-Folk Fest with Steppe Dogges Monica Dizozza Peter Dizozza Mike Hill Flemming Laursen Gargi Shinde    7:00 - Jon Berger 7:30 - Bernard King Presents & “I Heart Barry Bliss” - Antifolkers Covering the Songs of Barry Bliss (I covered "Do It.")  9:00 - Rav Shmuel 9:30 - The Woog Riots (Germany/Italy) 10:00 - Peter Dizozza 10:30 - Dufus 11:30 - Prewar Yardsale 12:30 - Soft Black

22 July 2009 Wednesday Peter Dizozza High School Band Reunion.   Steak and Potatoes AT SIDEWALK following a set by Biff Rose  YOUTUBE 1 YOUTUBE 2 YOUTUBE 3

11 July 2009 Saturday HuggabroomstockIII Dizozzapalooza II at Good-bye Blue Monday 1087 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY, with The Steppe Dogges Peter Dizozza Mike Hill and Gargi Shinde.YOUTUBE 

25 June 2009 Thursday   THE STEPPE DOGGES AT SIDEWALK Kaitlin Bailey Vocals, Peter Dizozza Keyboard, Mike Hill Bass, Gargi Shinde Sitar!   

12 June 2009 Friday  Hosting Lo-Jinx at The Lambs Club.

24 May 2009 Sunday   Theater for the New City Lower East Side Festival for the Arts previews 20 minutes with Theme Song from A Question of Solitude with Cecil Baldwin as Manwell, Nick Dillenburg as James, Larry Gutman as Blofield, Mike Hill as Narrator, Gargi Shinde as Nurse Mortimer, T.D.White as Uncle James, and Jenne Vath as Fremda!  

8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23 May 2009   Cinema VII goes to the Theater. The Woman Artist's Journey at The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center's WAH Theater for the Performing Arts, Five plays by five members of the Brooklyn Playwrights (Phil Kaplan, Alaina Hammond, Allan Lefcowitz, Maria Micheles & C.J.Ehrlich) celebrating the three-month art exhibition, Women Forward, curated by Yuko Nii.  Event Page.  

29 April 2009   THE STEPPE DOGGES AT SIDEWALK with guests Charlie Mckenna, Tallon Lamonaca, J.P. Evangelista and Gargi Shinde on Sitar!   

24-25 April 2009 -- Forest Hills Gardens Women's Club Production: "Wide Open Spaces," a musical revue with music direction by Peter Dizozza.

23 April 2009 -- The Association of the Bar of The City of New York Entertainment Evening #3 ("Talent Nite") 

31 March 2009 -- La MaMa ETC's Experiments '09 introduces A Question of Solitude, a play by Peter Dizozza, at The Club with Cecil Baldwin, Nick Dillenburg, Larry Gutman, Mike Hill, John Andrew Morrison, Gargi Shinde, T.D.White and Lydia Woods..  Casted and directed by Series Curator George Ferencz.  

06 March 2009  Hosting Lo-Jinx at The Lambs Club.

22 February 2009 Preliminary reading of the first 15 pages of "A Question of Solitude," a playscript by Peter Dizozza inspired by The James Bond Legacy, at the Manhattan Theatre Source Writers Forum, with Mike Hill, Sam Moree, Marguerite Rojas, Jane Shufer, John Watts and Victor. 

21 February 2009 THE WICKED WINTER RENAISSANCE FAIRE IV with the Steppe Dogges on The Mad Truffles Stage!  THE HANOVER MARRIOTT, WHIPPANY, NEW JERSEY.

19 February 2009 THE FORTIFIED WINTER ANTIFOLK FEST 2009 Chloe Philip - 7:00, Domino - 7:30, Touching You - 8:00, Peter Dizozza - 8:30, Rachel Trachtenburg - 9:00, Jason Trachtenburg - 9:30, Dan Fishback - 10:00, Creaky Boards - 11:00, Soft Black - 12:00.   Peter Dizozza Steppe Dogge set with Mike Hill and Neil Kelly introduced the seven song cycle, "Twentieth Century SideWalk Traveler."

06 February 2009 Lo-Jinx at the Lambs with M C Peter Dizozza.

27 January 2009 Committee on Courts of Appellate Jurisdiction honors Chief Judge Judith Kaye, concluding with a musical tribute by Stewart Aaron, Peter Dizozza, Martha Stine-Cohen and Nancy Zehner.  The O'Neill Room, Marriott Marquis.   

21 January 2009 The Steppe Dogges at SideWalk Bar-Restaurant 8PM, with Kaitlin Bailey, DJ Lisa Shred and Flemming Laursen on Percussion!

09 January 2009, Friday Special Twelfth Night Party with help from Skadden Arps and the New York City Bar Association with Twentieth Century Traveler, The Life and Perilous Times of the Honorable Bentley Kassal by Myron D. Cohen with lyrics and additional lines by Bruce Turkle and Kenneth Wasserman and lyrics and music by Peter Dizozza (Title Song!) and Tyrone Powell.  A production of The New York City Bar Association's Committee on Entertainment, Peter Dizozza, Chair.  Piano:  Joel Camche, Peter Dizozza, Tyrone Powell.  Percussion:  Gerald Lebovits.


09 December 2008, Tuesday  7PM, Hon. David A. Paterson, Hon. Michael R. Bloomberg, Hon. Richard C. Wesley and The City Bar Entertainment Committee help Hon. Judith S. Kaye celebrate her acceptance of the rarely awarded "Association Medal."  

05-06 December 2008, Friday and Saturday  8PM Confronting Chekhov, written and produced by The Brooklyn Playwrights Collective, opens at The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center.  Emily Golden, Meghan Powe, Kerry Fitzgibbons and Ben Enkler introduce "Not the Ravine," Peter Dizozza's retelling of "In the Ravine," Chekhov's longest short story, directed by Mark Duncan.  Sarah Olman and Peter Dizozza introduce The New Russian Flute Sonata.   

04 November 2008, Tuesday  11PM Steppe Dogges with Neil of Huggabroomstick -- Backroom Concession/Victory Set at SideWalk   YOUTUBE

04 November 2008, Tuesday  Boog City's Green REM 20 Year anniversary (November 4th, 1988).  Peter Dizozza covering STAND!

31 October 2008, Friday  The Steppe Dogges perform in The Cauldron at Theater for the New City's Halloween Party.

31 October 2008, Friday  I HEART BOO Halloween with the Coverlings Covering THE LOCALS Peter at 8:30 as Don Quixote covering YTOWMFMA I WAS MADE FOR YOU.   

19 October 2008, Sunday  10th Annual Fundraiser for The New York Society of Ethical Culture with... Hey, It was an amazing program... for my material it always helps to have a Steinway grand... I think I'll just list here who else played... it was world music from New York... Robyn Payne, Great Voice, aced Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka, and Seize the Day from Newseys...carrying on the Shirley Bassey Legend with Goldfinger! Jon and Javier Oviedo played second movement of Steve Cohen's Sonata for Sop. Sax and piano, Don Freund's Prelude, then Paul singing Rogers and Hart and Me and Mike and Ken, then Evangelia Kingsley (Donna Murphy comes to mind) and Chip at the piano... wow New lyrics to Somewhere That's Green... then we ate at Ollies.. !

3,4, 10 & 11 October 2008, Friday and Saturday  Four Plays celebrating Milton's 400th Birthday,Sugar-Coated Sin by Alaina Hammond, On a Tuesday by Jane Shufer, Lost in PL by Maria Micheles, and the new musical mystery play, PARADISE FOUND, by Peter Dizozza at The REOPENED Williamsburg Art and Historical Center WAH THEATER.  With Kaitlin Bailey, Alaina Hammond, Mike Hill, John Andrew Morrison, Ken Richards & Chris Zorker.  Art Direction and  Design by Sam Moree. 

28 September 2008, Sunday THE PRESTON & PETER VS SHOW! Preston Spurlock and Peter Dizozza trade songs for your listening pleasure SIDEWALK BAR RESTAURANT 

16 September 2008, Tuesday Lessons from the Isiah Thomas Trial, a Musical CLE at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP.

10 September 2008, Wednesday,  PETER DIZOZZA Full Spectrum Song Fest with Laura Brenneman, Kaitlin Bailey, Colette Bryce, Liam Glynn, and Mike Allen Hill (Peter & Mike, The Steppe Dogges!) 

17-19 August 2008 Sunday-Tuesday Robert Fitzsimmons, John Andrew Morrison, Ted Williams, Jenne Vath and Deborah T took us to COW CITY! during the second half of "Oh Happy Three!" Plays by Ed Malin, Peter Dizozza and Maria Micheles.  3 Performances in the Playground Development Series at Manhattan Theatre Source.  

13 August 2008 Wednesday.   Day 6 of Fortified's Summer 2008 Antifolk Fest at SideWalk.  Bernard King Presents with his poem, Reginareverie, read by Peter Dizozza.   

11 August 2007, Sunday  Huggabroomstock 2, A Dizozzapalooza with a Storm Cloud above... Location, beneath the pavillions at 393 Jefferson Street, the home of Julie and Johnny!

9 August 2008 Saturday.   Day 2 of Fortified's Summer 2008 Antifolk Fest at SideWalk, Peter Dizozza's 8PM Set with The Steppe Dogges (Mike Allen Hill and Peter Dizozza), introduced with Life Spans of The Quick and The Slow Episode 3.  

2 July 2008 at SideWalk with The Steppe Dogges (Mike Allen Hill and Peter Dizozza).  Introducing guest piano/singer/songwriter Laura Brenneman.  Also playing, Becca Hasselbrook, Pete Scalzitti, Isaac Gillespie, and Crabs on Banjo.

22 June 2008  Brooklyn Playwrights reading at the Brecht Forum.   CHRIS'S PLAY and HANS JUERGEN MUST DIE by Christina Day.  Jane Prednergast's ACT OF PEACE, with Tom Thornton, Les Hunter, Lindsay Richman, Judith Ackerman, Kyle Minshew, David Scott Klein, Peter Dizozza and Ryan Victor Pierce. 

21 June 2008  Make Music New York with Peter Dizozza, Lach, Dale Gordon, Charlie, Joe, Kaitlin Bailey, Laura Brenneman, Mike Allen Hill on East 12th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues.  Event Page.

13 June 2008  Peter Dizozza hosts The Lambs Lo-Jinx.  Paul Chamlin at the piano.   Kaitlin Bailey, Billie Stweart, Fay Lytell, Gene Rodgers, Sandy Bendfieldt and Gene Reil, Kay Arnold, Father John, Gini Dustin, Rina Ellis, Helen Klass, Rosanne Sheriden, Camille Savitz, Scott Berenson. 

1 June 2008  A full spectrum Dizozza World Science Song Fest, with vocals and song programming by J.P Evangelista, Tallin Lamonaca percussion, Mike Allen Hill Bass and Vocals, Peter Dizozza Piano and Vocals, with guests Kaitlin Bailey (4 songs) and Maria King (introducing The Ruthless Truth, lyric by E.W.Versalie).  Lights and Sound by Somer!   Also playing:  Benjamin Shepard, Ben Krieger, and The Zombie Nationalists, only at SideWalk Bar-Restaurant. 

23-25 May 2008  Plays, Movies, Songs!  Theater for the New City's Thirteenth Lower East Side Festival for the Arts includes a piano/vocal performance with Victor Varoli on guitar, and an acting performance in MIT Reunion/Union by Maria Micheles, directed by Matt Morillo.

17 May 2008  Highlights from Williamsburg's International Surrealist Film Festivals return to The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center to highlight the premier of The Brave Destiny Documentary.  Also introducing, as a new work of surrealism, the 9 minute dizozza/micheles movie, Coney Island Memories.  

10 May 2008  Peter Dizozza's 1/2 hour "Vision Quest" Song Set with Victor Varoli's guitar playing and a surprise guest appearance by Opera legend Camille Capasso to perform The Cat Lady Dream Aria.  Also playing:  Bryan McPherson, The Fave, The Voyces, and Mad Happy!  only at SideWalk Bar-Restaurant. 

27 April 2008  Introducing the playscript, "Cow City," by Peter Dizozza at The Brecht Forum, part of The Brooklyn Playwrights Collective Reading Series, with Elizabeth West Versalie's "The Guilt, The Gelt and the Gett."   Cast from heaven:   Robert Fitzsimmons, John Andrew Morrison, Deborah T, Jenne Vath and Ted Williams.

22 April 2008 -- Talent Night at the City Bar includes the Karl Llewelyn song, "Common Law Tradition" (Thank you Matthew Grieco.). 

11-12 April 2008 -- Forest Hills Gardens Women's Club Production: "Broadway Memories," a musical revue with music direction by Peter Dizozza opens with a fully staged cast performance of "A Killing on Broadway!"   

21 March 2008 -- Peter Dizozza hosts Lo-Jinx at The Lambs, The Lambs Un-Plugged!  No electricity went into the producing of sounds heard therein, a use of natural acoustics.  Participants:  Peter Dizozza, Kevin McMullan, Vivienne Gilbert, Gini Dustin, Davida Rothberg, Linda Fields, Billie Stewart, Jacqueline Kroschell, Annette Hunt, Helen Klass, Eleanor Carney, Marc Baron, Joan Cafarello and guest Sandy Jordan.   Piano by Woody Regan.     

16 March 2008, Sunday   The Fort at SideWalk:  8-Peter Dizozza and The Middle Eight (Introducing the mini-play, "Client Nine from Outer Space" with Monica Dizozza, J. P. Evangelista, Mike Allen Hill, Tallin Lamonaca, Laura Mandelbaum, Jason Olshan and Jane Prendergast, 9-Shakey Graves, 10-Dan Koshute, 11-Jerry Cherry

20 February 2008, Wednesday The Fort at SideWalk:  Peter Dizozza at 8! Wednesday Week Winter Antifolk Fest! reviewing plans for Dizozzaland (Carcasson). 7:30 M.Lamar's Page, 8:00 Peter Dizozza , 8:30 Frank Hoier, 9 Dibs, 9:30 Elizabeth Devlin, 10 Casey Holford, 11 Antifolk Reads Bernard King

9 February 2008, Saturday  Listed as Hermaphroditism Throughout the Ages (A Musical), Peter Dizozza and Mike Allen Hill perform for the first time as "The Step Dogs" at Jeff Mach's Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire III.  Mac Rogers encores Ed Malin's Judge, Yuri and Executioner.  Only at The Edison New Jersey Holiday Inn.  Video Documentary by Sam Moree.   

1 February 2008 -- Peter Dizozza surprise host for Lo-Jinx at The Lambs.  Piano by Woody Regan.     

11 January 2008, Friday Biennial Twelfth Night Party at the New York City Bar Association.  Stewart Aaron and Rita Warner introduce the Sidewalk Waltz, "On the Lower East Side," for The Kid from Grand Street, The Life and Hard Times of the Honorable Jonathan Lippman by Myron D. Cohen with lyrics and additional lines by Bruce Turkle and Kenneth Wasserman and lyrics and music by Peter Dizozza and Tyrone Powell.  A production of The City Bar through its Entertainment Committee, Peter Dizozza, Chair.  Piano:  Joel Camche, Peter Dizozza, Tyrone Powell.  Percussion:  Gerald Lebovits.


30 December 2007, Sunday -- Peter Dizozza and The Middle Eight with Talon Lamonica (Percussion), Jason Olshan (Electric Guitar), Mike Allen Hill (Bass and Vocals) and J.P.Evangelista (Vocals and Song Set Prep).  

24 December 2007, Monday --  Forest Hills Station Square Carolers accompanied by horn quartet and Peter Dizozza at the keyboard.  Monica Dizozza performs "What It's All About," the bluesy Christmas Carol.

15 December 2007, Saturday --  9th Avenue presents Judy and her very Special Guests, an historic stage recreation of Judy Garland's 1963 TV Christmas Show.  Piano accompaniment by Peter Dizozza for Ethel Merman (Rudolph the Red Nosed...), Broadway Bob (Smile & When You're) and ensemble (White Christmas).  9th Avenue Holiday Celebration, P.S. 41 116 W 11th Street with DJ Larry Tee

30 November 2007, Friday -- brought to you by Andrew Hoepfner of Creaky Boards, 7:30 Ben Sadock, 8:00 Peter Dizozza -- guest percussionist: legend Little Oscar! Mike Allen Hill on Bass and Vocals!  8:30 Dave End, 9:00 Frank Hoier, 10:00 Creaky Boards (Andrew fronting Darwin, Eric Wolfson and Dan Costello and...on drums...Great Band!)  11:00 Drink Up Buttercup and 12:00 Huggabroomstik! only at SideWalk.

1-17 November, 2007  The Brooklyn Playwrights Collective presents Beyond Brecht, introducing song adaptations of Brecht Poems of The Playwright and The Two Cranes.  (And, one rendering of the Alabama Song...)

14 November 2007, Wednesday -- 9:00-Peter Dizozza and the Middle Eight, with J.P. Evangelista, Tallin Lamonaca, Jason Olshan, Lydia Ooghe and Mike Allen Hill!   SideWalk Bar-Restaurant.  Video by Sam Moree.  Youtube Links

21, 27, 31 October & 1 November, 2007  Four Performances of the Experimenta! Production of TentagatneT, directed by George Ferencz.  La MaMa e.t.c. main stage.   

31 October 2007, Wednesday  Yes, like last year, Peter Dizozza joined Hells Souls to perform "Those Nutty Songs," in the lobby of Theater for the New City for their enormous Halloween Gala....and provided pre-recorded music for Adriano Morae's puppet show, including The Cat Lady Dream Aria, sung by Paulina Brahm.

27 October 2007 -- The Voyces at Rockwood Music Hall.  Guest pianist Peter Dizozza at the 100 year old baby grand.   

21 October 2007 -- Peter Dizozza at The New York Society of Ethical Culture, unplugged at a Steinway Medium Grand, also natural acoustics.  Ninth Annual Benefit Concert.   Dr. Ruth L. Cohen, Coordinator.  Program:  Peter Dizozza (piano/voice), Neel Murgai (sitar), Diane Howard (violin), Jon Liechty (piano) playing azerbaijani folk, Sadia Carone (voice).  Diane played the second vocal line of "Your Doctor is In" on violin.    Youtube Video 

19 October 2007 -- Peter Dizozza hosts the Lo-Jinx Un-Plugged at The Lambs. No electricity went into the producing of sounds heard therein, a rather obvious discovery of natural acoustics.   Joyce Randolph's Birthday! 

3 October 2007, Wednesday -- 7:30-Peter Dizozza 8-Matt Sia, 9-Trixie Whitley, 10-Stephanie Nilles, 11-Declan Bennett (from the Broadway show Rent).  SideWalk Bar-Restaurant.  Video by Sam Moree.

28 September, 4 & 7 October 2007 The Entertainment Committee of The New York City Bar Association Presents The Three Performance Tour of A KILLING ON BROADWAY by Myron D. Cohen, Marti Stine introduced the theme Song by Peter Dizozza  1. NYC Bar Association, 2. The Lambs Club, 3. The Cold Spring Village Library

19 September 2007, Wednesday -- 7:30 Niall Connolly, 8-Peter Dizozza, 9-Sewing Circle, 9:30-Patty Chung, 10-Casey Holford, 11-Dots Will Echo.  Dizozza set with Victor Varoli and Lydia Ooghe. SideWalk Bar-Restaurant.  Video by Sam Moree.

07 September 2007 -- Peter Dizozza hosts the Lo-Jinx, the longest running theater salon, at The Lambs.

06 September 2007 -- Peter Dizozza phones it in Live! to Nadav Carmel at MIT's college radio station, WMBR in Cambridge.  Download the mp3

31 August 2007 -- Peter Dizozza BRIEFLY participated in the ROFL internet gong show at Joe's Pub, resulting in an update of this photo pageErin Bradley won! 

26-29 August 2007 -- The 48 Hour Spontaneous Combustion Production # 29 introduced a five minute version of the six and a half minute mini-play,"Bossa Nova Baby," performed for two of the production's four performances.  

25 August 2007, Saturday -- Summer 2007 AntiFolk Fest Parade!

19 August 2007, Sunday -- Summer 2007 AntiFolk Fest Day 2.  fresh from the garden... (arrive early--) 7:15-Peter Dizozza, 8-M. LaMar, 8:30-Darwin Deez, 9-Max Vernon, 9:30-The Babyskins, 10-Mike Baglivi, 11-The Elastic No-No Band.  Peter Dizozza set with J.P.Evangelista, Talon Lamonica, Jason Olshan, Monica Dizozza and Lydia Ooghe. SideWalk Bar-Restaurant.  Video by Sam Moree.

6-16 August 2007, Monday-Thursday  The MODEST MUSICAL PROPOSAL entitled "2.2" becomes 2.2.2, Hermaphroditism Through the Ages, in the second half of "Oh Happy Three!" Plays by Ed Malin, Peter Dizozza and Maria Micheles.  8 Performances in the Straight from the Source Summer Series at Manhattan Theatre Source.  Directed by Sarah Marck. Hermaphroditism Through the Ages, a new musical by Peter Dizozza, Ed Malin and Maria Micheles.  NEW!  Video Documentary by Sam Moree.   

11 August 2007, Sunday  Huggabroomstock!  2 Kung-Fu Crime Wave 2:30 Daniel Bernstein (of Whisper Doll) 3:00 Schwervon! 3:30 The Purple Organ 4:00 The Baby Skins 4:30 Peter Dizozza 5:00 Huggabroomstik -- only at Maria Hernandez Park (Suydam St between Knickerbocker & Irving)!

18 July 2007, Wednesday  Peter Dizozza "Twilight Time V" with Monica Dizozza, Lydia Ooghe and Talon the drum kit. -- JP Evangelista and Jason Olshan caught in the center of the steam pipe storm by Grand Central! 

27 June 2007, Wednesday  "Twilight Time IV" 45 minutes of songs by Peter Dizozza programmed by J.P.Evangelista with Monica Dizozza, Jason Olshan, Lydia Ooghe.  Peter Dizozza at SideWalk.  

11 June 2007  Patricia Watt presents BEYOND THE PALE, a one act festival at The Neighborhood Playhouse, introduced with music by Peter Dizozza and William Falkenberg, with a staged reading of "Associative Behavior," by Peter Dizozza, directed by Mark Mitchell.  Event page. 

25-27 May 2007  Plays, Movies, Songs!  The Lower East Side Arts Festival at Theater for the New City reprises A Couple of Fairly Odd Old Retired Electric Train Engineers on Friday at 7:30, screens Good News on Saturday at 11, and introduces The Miss Un-America Pageant on Sunday at 9, along with presenting samplers of a spectacular lot of other material. free-free-free throughout

22 May 2007  Kirkland & Ellis hosts 50 Ways to Leave Your Law Firm, A Musical Inn of Court Continuing Legal Education Program.  

19 May 2007  O.J. All Day at Cakeshop.

12 May 2007  J.P. Graduation party with Peter Dizozza and The Middle Eight.

9 May 2007, Wednesday  "Twilight Time III" introducing the first episode of Life Spans of the Quick and Slow, this month's feature, the desert gnat.  Peter Dizozza at SideWalk.

27 April 2007 -- Peter Dizozza hosts the Lambs Lo-Jinx, featuring the return of Chuck Prentiss.  

26 April 2007 -- The New York City Bar Association Entertainment Evening Talent Night #4 at the Great Hall of the House of the Association.

28 April 2007  The Voyces release another great album, Kissing Like It's Love (on the Planting Seeds Records label), this one featuring Peter Dizozza on piano.

22-24 April 2007 -- The 48 Hour Spontaneous Combustion Production # 27, introducing "A Coupla Fairly Odd Old Retired Electric Train Engineers" 

18 April 2007, Wednesday  "Twilight Time II" Peter Dizozza at SideWalk with Anna Heyman and J. P. Evangelista. SideWalk Bar-Restaurant.

30-31 March 2007 -- Forest Hills Gardens Women's Club Production: "Street of Dreams," a musical revue with music direction by Peter Dizozza including "Absotively Posilutely," lyric by Owen Kalt, music by Peter Dizozza.   

28 March 2007, Wednesday  "Twilight Time," Peter Dizozza at SideWalk with Anna Heyman and J. P. Evangelista. SideWalk Bar-Restaurant.

22 March 2007 -- The Entertainment Committee of The New York City Bar Association presents its first program of short plays written and read by attorneys.  Peter Dizozza introduces the immigration law mini-play:  Associative Behavior.

07 March 2007, Wednesday  7 People 7 Minutes.  Sharing a bill with Tommy Dee, the Naked Man, Big *&%$ing Mike, and Stan Baker, Peter Dizozza introduces The Heart Problem monologue at the 258 Bowery Location of the Dixon Place Performance Laboratory.

February, 2007 -- Release of Wood Records' CD tribute to the songs of Barnes and Barnes with my version of "Don't You Want to Go the the Moon Soon?"  PARTY IN MY PALM - A TRIBUTE TO BARNES AND BARNES (2007) wd77

23 February 2007, Friday  Vaudeville Night at The Lambs Lo-Jinx, with Peter Dizozza playing Irving (Izzy) Berlin to Woody Regan's Maury Abrahams and Camille Savitz's Belle Baker.  Ceremony Master: Peter Kingsley.   Script and Direction by Sheila Smith.   Event Page.

13 February 2007, Tuesday  The Great Fortified Winter Antifolk Fest 2007, Day 4 with 7:30-Alexa Woodward 8-Joseph Keckler 8:30-Bryan McPherson 9-The Festival 9:30-Peter Dizozza with J.P.E/Vocal and Victor Varoli/Guitar10-Steve Espinola 10:30-Dibs 11-Casey Holford.  Event Page with Song Cues SideWalk Bar-Restaurant.

09 February 2007 -- Eugene Leiman Memorial.   

2 February 2007, Friday  PETER DIZOZZA Emcees Lo-Jinx at The Lambs Club with Kay Arnold, Eleanor Carney, Linda Fields, Gerthe Bronson, Carol Shedlin, Marc Baron, Candy Benge, Kathy Kelleher, Steve DePass, Jacqueline Roschell, Raissa Katona Bennett, Amy Griffin, Jannelle Tedesco, Gini Dustin and VivienneGilbert.   Woody Regan and Peter Dizozza at the piano. 

26 January 2007 --  Lambs Club Table Reading, 4:30-6:00 of "The Importance of Being Frank" by Don Flynn with Peter Dizozza reading Frank McIntyre!

14 January 2007, Sunday  7:30-Peter Dizozza (with percussion by Brian Wayne Wurshum of The Voyces) 8-Tom Drake 8:30-The Telethons 9-Frank Hoier and Debe Dalton 10-Magges 11-Cheese on Bread.  SideWalk Bar-Restaurant.

12 & 17 January 2007 -- The Entertainment Committee of The New York City Bar Association fills the Great Hall in the House of the Association for their "off-year" Twelfth Night Production, "Trial Lawyer, The Musical," script and direction by Myron D. Cohen, performed by members of the Bench and Bar, including Maria Guccione introducing the song, "Try It," by Committee Chair Peter Dizozza.  Encore at The Lambs Club.


28 December 2006, Thursday  A surrealist film night at Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, screening the East Coast Premier of Emily Lacy's "Looking for Technology," with David O. Rogers "The Light of Eons." Live performances by The Lisps, The Creaky Boards, Emily Lacy, Jackson Fledermaus, and Peter Dizozza over a moving backdrop of Orin Buck's Oceans Loop..   Event Page.

19 December 2006, Tuesday  Simple Piano Set at SideWalk   Here's the line-up... 7:30-Misha, 8-Belowsky, 8:30-Dots Will Echo, 9-Peter Dizozza, 9:30-Bryan McPherson 10-Seven and Counting 11-Witchfinder General.

8 December 2006, Friday  The New York Composers Circle concert at the Baruch Performing Arts Center.  Roger Blanc premiers a notated electric guitar lead for Chimney Flu/Heigh Ho.  Eric Clapton and Duane Allman... Joe Bendik and Roger Blanc?  Soon!   

16 November 2006, Thursday Band show at SideWalk (Peter Dizozza & Charlie McKenna), with vocals by Tom Nondorf, Eric Starker & Nora Simpson.

6 November 2006, Monday  La MaMa e.t.c. presents the return of The Golf Wars, Live, Complete and On Stage at the Club Theatre.  Playbill infoMyspace Golf Wars PageEvent Page.  La Mama Page.

31 October 2006, Tuesday  Peter Dizozza, with Eric Starker, joins Hells Souls performing "Those Nutty Songs," in the lobby of Theater for the New City for their enormous Halloween Gala.... Photo page...

26 October 2006 -- Pete Dizozza and Frank Sinatra in one night.  Happy Hour with Peter Dizozza at SIDEWALK, then to The Kraine Theatre for the third performance of Ricardo Productions' "That's Life."

20 October 2006, Friday  PETER DIZOZZA Emcees Lo-Jinx at The Lambs Club celebrating Joyce Randolph's Birthday.  With Eleanor Carney, Roseann Sheriden, Linda Fields,Marc Baron, Candy Benge, Kathy Kelleher, Gene Rodgers, Fay Lytelle, Gini Dustin and VivienneGilbert.   Woody Regan at the piano.  

13  October 2006 Friday  A MODEST MUSICAL PROPOSAL entitled "2.2" presented with Kit Williams at  The Dramatist Guild, 1501 Broadway, Suite 701, The Frederick Loewe Room, Richard Rodgers Piano.  This script became Hermaphroditism Through the Ages.  

8 October 2006 Sunday, October 8th Locas In Love (Germany) with The Metric Mile (NYC), The Leader (NYC), Dyrdin (Iceland), Peter Dizozza (NYC) at Club Midway 25 Avenue B, NY, NY  Flyer

29 September, 5 & 6 October 2006 The Entertainment Committee of The New York City Bar Association Presents The Three Performance Tour of FINAL CURTAIN by Myron D. Cohen, Marti Stine introduced the theme Song by Peter Dizozza  1. NYC Bar Association, 2. The Lambs Club, 3. The Huntington Village Library

27 August 2006 -- Peter Dizozza - The Golf Wars, the 7:30 show at Joe's Pub at Joe Papp's Public Theater (including the John Seroff version of Scene One) with Joe Bendik (Electric Guitar), Tim Carosi (Vocal), Monica Dizozza (Vocal), Dale Gordon (Conga), Charlie McKenna (Percussion), Herb Scher (Piano/Vocal/Jerome), Nora Naomi Simpson (Vocal), and Victor Varoli (Guitar).  Sound by Kurt Wolf.  9:30: Break of Reality (3 cellists and percussionist with V.J.). Event PageDo you want to listen to the set?  Thank you, Steve Espinola!

14 August 2006 -- The Cakeshop presents R'RARITIES! back! JACK LAISSEZ-FAIRE LEWIS CURATES "our monday wing dink thing thing where people from bands you love cut looser than usual with solo experimentation." 8pm The Musical Chairs Present A, B, C (Major Matt Mason's guitar sound project, a meditation in which I participated.  PD)   9 - Monosolo (Mark Ospovot's solo project) 10 - The Laissezfaire Lewis/Baby Skins/Wild Bee Project (Wild Bee = Steve Mertens, Nate Brown)

13 August 2006 -- Summer 2006 AntiFolk Fest.  Herb Scher brings the crowd (including Henry Strummer) to their feet with The Hippy Hippy Shake-Shake!  Art Sorority For Girls, Peter Dizozza, Scandaliz Vandalistz, Toby Goodshank, Dan Fishback, Jason Trachtenberg Band.  DAY 2!

12 August 2006 -- Tompkins Square Park Summer AntiFolk Fest Parade and Concert, beginning at Noon and ending at 5PM with a performance by Suzanne Vega.  (I don't suppose it could have been a more beautiful day.)  

19-29 July 2006 FLYING DREAMS by Sharon Fogarty Manhattan Theatre Source 

14 July 2006   At The John Drew Theatre in Guild Hall, the East Hampton Community House, reprising Bruce Jay Friedman's 4-Play with songs by Peter Dizozza.

7 July 2006   At the Dramatist Guild playing through the brand new score on the Richard Rodgers Steinway in the "Loews" room for a workshop for the new musical "The Colossus of Rhode Island" Book by Ed Malin, Lyrics by Ed Malin, Music by Ed Malin &Peter Dizozza, 1501 Broadway with Brian Karim, Shannan Reeve, Kristina Leath, Deborah Unger and Rich Chew.  Followed by Laura Cosentino's delightful "The Merry Muses of Vinci."  

17 June 2006 -- The Voyces, Brian Wurschum and Linda Draper (with Peter Dizozza at the piano) play a Rick Nelson CancerCare Benefit at SIDEWALK.

9 June 2006 -- Hosting at the Lambs Club.  Pianist: Woody Regan, with Peter Dizozza (The Gander Flies Tonight), Neva Small, Camille Savitz, Sandra Benfeldt, Chuck Prentiss, Marti Stine, Helen Klass (Too Old to Die Young), Kathy Kelleher (Keepin' Out of Mischief), Vivienne Gilbert, Eleanor Carney, Jacqueline Kroschell, Anita S. Bronx, Marc Baron, Joan Scafarella. 

1 June 2006 -- 8-Peter Dizozza, 8:30-Belowsky, 9-Trevor Exter, 10-Steve Waitt,11-The Chicken-Stand Throw-Down Band, only at SIDEWALK

22 May 2006 -- Classic Stage Company honors John Turturro at Bridgewaters (by the Brooklyn Bridge).  Reception Pianist:  Peter Dizozza.  Resemblance?  -- & at the Anti-hoot, later that night, Lach inaugurates Herb, Heather and Peter as the "Six Hands from Heaven."

21 May 2006 -- Piano Six-Hands with Herb Scher, Peter Dizozza, Heather Tilert only at SIDEWALK.  Also Al Lee Wyler, Steve and Peggy Espinola, Hank Silva

30 April 2006 -- Jennie West (Voice), Peter Dizozza (Keyboard) and Victor Varoli (Guitar) at The Black Door (127 West 26th Street)

28-29 April 2006 -- Forest Hills Gardens Women's Club Production "The Sky's the Limit" 

27 April 2006 -- The Association of the Bar of The City of New York Entertainment Evening #3 ("Talent Nite") 

10-11 May 2005 -- a new collection of one acts at the Neighborhood Playhouse with interlude music by Peter Dizozza. Here's the program. 

1 April 2006 -- Peter Dizozza, Jon Berger, Myles, Erin Regan, Lach, Joie of DBG

25 March 2006 -- Steve DePass, Peter Dizozza and Jacqueline Kroschel performance at Lake Hopatcong.New Jersey..    

18 March 2006 -- Piano cameo with Brian Wurshum at SideWalk. Other sets:  Linda Draper, Jenn Lindsay, Matt Singer.

14 March 2006 -- La MaMa ETC's Experiments '06 introduces O, a play by Peter Dizozza, at The Club with Joe Gioco, Eric Goss, Stacie Linardos, Susan Patrick, Sarah Poleshuck, Jim Seaman, and Jenne Vath.  Casted and directed by Series Curator George Ferencz.  

25 February 2006 -- Fortified Records and SideWalk Cafe presents day 9 of the Winter '06 Antifolk Fest, with Peter Dizozza, Thomas Truax, Beat the Devil, Ching Chong Song, Cheese on Bread, and The Woes.  THE PETER DIZOZZA SET

11 February 2006 -- Piano Night at SideWalk Herb Scher, Peter Dizozza, Paula Valstein, Heather Tilert, Ching Chong Song, Lach.  Sets included Lennon/McArtney's "For No One," piano 6-hands and Herb Scher's performance of "Fourths."

3 February 2006 -- Hosting at the Lambs Club.  

25 January 2006 -- Elastic No No Band, Peter Dizozza, Ben Krieger, John Hodel, 13 Scotland Road, Brian Lord (of The Hypertonics

6 January 2006 -- The New York City Bar Association Entertainment Committee presents, The Lives of Carmen (Ciparek, Justice of the New York Court of Appeals) at the Great Hall in the House of the Association.  


27 December 2005 -- Peter Dizozza, Shawn Snyder, Mike Pinto, Tim Reale, Mike Baglivi.  Lights and sound by Dan Costello.

22 December 2005 -- Bob Fass's Phil Ochs Tribute (Born December 19th, 65 years ago), Sixth Street Community Centre (638 E. 6th St., bet. Ave. B &C) Midnight Broadcast on WBAI.  (I played his anthem, "The War is Over" and, from the Golf Wars, "Prisoners of War (Don't Leave Me Behind.")

15 December 2005 -- Recording by Alexander Nizich at Engine Room Audio of five short songs by Peter Dizozza, sung by Nick Dalton and Darcie Siciliano (from the 4-Play and Love Bites Neighborhood Playhouse Staged Readings).

14 December 2005 -- Antifolk Night with Herb, Justin, and Preston ('The Handsome Men of Sidewalk'), Peter Dizozza, Beau Johnson, Brian Wurschum (of The Voyces), Mike Rimbaud and Jacob.  Lights and sound by Lance Romance.  

12 December 2005 -- Release of Wood Records tribute to the music of Harry Nilsson, "I'll Never Leave You," with my version of "Without Her."  

November 2005 -- As a participant in National Novel Writing Month wrote a memoir loosely based on Michiko Kukutani's review of John Banville's Man Booker prizewinning novel, "The Sea," entitled "The Lake."

23 November 2005 -- Wednesday, SideWalk's Thanksgiving Eve Show with Deborah T., Mike Baglivi , Peter Dizozza, Elastic No-No Band, Ben Krieger & Thomas Channell.  Thank you for coming out!

18 November 2005 -- Friday -- Surprise Lo-Jinx Host, Peter Dizozza.  Woody Regan at the piano.  with Gini Dustin, Marti Stine, Helen Klass, Annette Hunt, Marc Baron, Vivienne Gilbert, Eleanor Carney and Roseann Sheridan.  Surprise guests, Dorothy McConnon, and a Vaudevillian named Cliff...

25 October 2005 -- Tuesday  Antifolk Night with Carl Creighton, Jon Berger, Peter Dizozza, Beau Johnson & Hearth.

19 October -- 5 November 2005  --  The Devil of Delancey Street, by Sharon Fogarty 78th Street Theatre Lab, 236 West 78th St., NYC.

18 October 2005 -- Staged Reading produced by Patricia Watt at The Neighborhood Playhouse of 4-Play, Four One-Act Plays by Bruce Jay Friedman, with songs by Peter Dizozza, sung by Nick Dalton and Darcie Siciliano. "When You're Near My Arm" introduced "The Car Lover," directed by Stephanie Rose with James Lorenzo & Paul Haller. "Crows at the Window Sing" introduced "The New Bit," directed by Paul Romanello with Nicholas Dalton & Ron Stetson, "Your Doctor is In" introduced "A Farewell to Tanya," directed by James LaRocca with Ben Hersey & Tom Kleh, and "Been So Long" introduced "The Trial," directed by Steven Ditmyer with Stephen Bradbury & Paul Haller.

25 September 2005 -- Cameo Productions, Ltd. offers an Inspirational & Uplifting Concert including excerpts from Me, Myself and God by Steve DePass, with Steve DePass, "America's Singing Poet," Jacqueline Kroschel, and at the piano Carol Middleton, Peter Dizozza for the benefit of Hurricane Victims.  The First Presbyterian Church of Berkshire Valley Road, Jefferson, NJ.

September 23rd, 29th, 30th, 2005 -- Rumours of Justice by Myron Cohen Directed by Academy Award Winner Robert M. Fresco (incidental music and theme song, "Cape Cod Bay" by Peter Dizozza) The Association of the Bar of the City of New York, The Lambs Club, and The Huntington Public Library.

17 September 2005 -- Saturday.  Barry Bliss, Peter Dizozza, Fenton Lawless, The Bendiks, The Bowmans, Elliot Stein and Verses with Joie Blaney and Rav Shmuel -- SideWalk Bar-Restaurant.  Demand, if you wish, the last 20minutes of the PD Set (a 30 megabyte .wmv audio/visual file --  go ahead).  Set Title:  "The Day the Earth Stood Still."  

16 September 2005 -- Friday. Peter Dizozza hosts Lo-Jinx The Lambs Club, 3 West 51st Street.  Guest Pianist Peter Yourke, with Carol Shedlin, Ginnie Dustin, Billie Stewart, Kathy Kellerher, Linda Fields, Eleanor Carne, Peter Johl, Helen Klass, Kay Arnold, Anette Hunt, Vivienne Gilbert & Joan Scaforello. 

10 September 2005 -- Saturday.  What an amazing afternoon!  AntiFolk Hurricane Relief Benefit Show, videographed by Gaston Dominick Musella at Scenic, on Avenue B.  

23 August 2005  --  Tuesday.  Olive Juice Music Night at Bar 169, 169 East Broadway, with Peter Dizozza (Victor Varoli on guitar), The Leader, and The Baby Skins.

13 August 2005  --  Saturday.  Night One of the 2005 Summer Antifolk Fest.  Peter Dizozza's sets included Songs from The Tempest sung by Nancy Ogle.  

13 August 2005 --  Saturday.  Tompkins Square Park Rally in support of Chris Papajohn for City Council, District 2 with headliners Mary Lou Lord, The Natalie Flanagan Band & Zero Boy.  Also appearing:  Lach, Peter Dizozza, Nancy Ogle and Joe Bendik.  

14 July 2005 --  Thursday.  Bastille 2005 SideWalk Set loosely based on Michiko Kakatani's NYT review of John Irving's novel, "Until I Find You."  

3 July 2005 --  Sunday with the Dawsons.  Backyard minisets by Beau Johnson, Skyler (mostly Raffi covers), Shilpa of Beat The Devil, Akida Junglefoot, Eric Lippe, Peter Dizozza, Martin & Kimya...!

14 June 2005 --  Tuesday.  7:30- Rach Green, 8-Peter Dizozza -- the Adopt an Orphan Song Program... "These songs stand on their own, it's me who needs to be adopted." 9-Cecil Dreeme -- check the NYC literary reference.9:30- Jon Roche, 10-Dave Cuomo, 11-Griffin

17 May 2005 --  Wednesday.  7:30- Dan Costello, 8-David Dragov, 9-Preston (of The Sewing Circle), 9:30- Peter Dizozza, 10-Joe Bendik, 11-Dots Will Echo.  Guest performing artists:  Dave Space of Dave's Place, David Macaluso and Joe Bendik.

15-16 May 2005 -- Love Bites, a collection of one acts at the Neighborhood Playhouse with songs by Peter Dizozza.  Vocalists:  Darcy Siciliano, Dan Calloway (Monday) and David Macaluso (Tuesday)

14 May 2005 --  Sunday screening at The Slipper Room 167 Orchard Street during the Arlene Grocery Picture Show Film Fest of Songs from "Prepare to Meet Your Maker" #10 (found footage of Perazzetti Assc.s and Disney Nasa Borg), followed by a documentary, "Farming with Stanley."

13 May 2005 --  Friday Lo-Jinx at the Lambs hosted by Peter Dizozza, opening the evening standing at the piano with "Don't You Ever Go."  Performances by Nanette Stanley, Kathy Kellerher, Gene Rodgers, Paul Craffey, Vivienne Gilbert, Rick Hengber, Helen Klass, Anita Brown, Peter Johl and Joan Scaforello

19 April 2005 --  Tuesday.  Brian Wurscham and Peter Dizozza play the 10 & 11PM slots at SideWalk following Beat The Devil.

20 April 2003 -- The Association of the Bar of The City of New York Entertainment Evening #3 ("Talent Nite") 

15-16 April 2005 -- Forest Hills Gardens Women's Club Production "Play It On the G-String" 

8 April 2005 --  A Lambs Club Lo-Jinx, 8:00-9:00 M.C. Peter Dizozza with Gini Dustin, Davita Rothberg, Marc Baron , Eleanor Carney, Peter Dizozza (You Hurt Me), Marti Stine, Billie Stewart, Peter Johl, Gene Rodgers, Jacqueline Kroschell, Helen Klass, Vivian Gilbert and piano/singer/songwriter guest John Mercurio.  Woody Regan at the piano.  

5 April 2005 --  Tuesday.  Peter Dizozza plays the 11PM Slot at SideWalk.  The email announcement.

29 March 2005 -- The return of TentagatneT, with Jamie Ansley, Felipe Bonilla, Bobby Faust, Jim Seaman and Jennie Vath at SideWalk.  Casting:  George Ferencz.  Addional ingredient:  MUSIC!  Flute:  Sharon Fogarty, Clarinet: Julie Schmacher, Guitar part played at the piano: Peter Dizozza, Cello: Leah Coloff.  

24 March 2005 -- Recorded readings at Frank & Camille's Fine Pianos of works by New York Composer Circle Members ANNE FARBER, JACOB E. GOODMAN, CHRISTOPHER MONTGOMERY, RICHARD RUSSELL (Circle Variations), and new pieces from PETER DIZOZZA and STEPHEN HIRSCHHORN.   Delia Raab-Snyder (clarinet), Javier Oviedo (soprano, not tenor, sax) and Nancy Garniez of the Alaria Chamber Ensemble (piano) performed The Paradise Lost Studies.

5 March 2005 -- The Piano Singer Songwriters Salon with Eric LeCain, Peter Dizozza, and Enid.   The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center.

23 February 2005 --  Peter Dizozza, Barry Bliss, Filthy Pedro, Toby Goodshank, Joe Bendik, Sara Bee, Ivan Sandomire, Bandini in Day 6 of the NY/UKWinter Anti-folk Fest 2005.

16 February 2005 --  SideWalk ...  Jack Lewis with Sam Morgan, Hannah Whitiker, Peter Dizozza, and Jeffrey Lewis at times from behind the curtain.

14 February 2005 -- Phil Gyford names "Hang My Head" as a 2004 top tunes runner-up.  Thank you, Phil!

9 February 2005 --  7:30- Peter Dizozza, 8- Mary Gatchell, 9-Krystle Warren and the Faculty, 10-Erin Regan. 11-David LK Murphy, 12-Cameron Hull, SideWalk.

8 February 2005 --  2nd Annual Williamsburg Live Singer/Songwriter Competition, Lucky Cat night, 245 Grand Street.  Line-up:  Yuval Avnur, Michael Beck, Jan Bell, Jeremiah Birnbaum, Zachary Cale, Joshua Deeter, Allison Dennis, Dan D'Ippolito, Peter Dizozza (Don't Leave Me Behind), Brunette, Tommy Eisner, Patrick Hambrick, Christopher Hartman, Jenn Hartmann, Katharyn Hayman, Andrew Hoepfner, Miki Huber, Cameron Hull, Jaymay, Fergus McCormick, Jesse Moore, Lance Olds, Johnny On, Eytan, Oren, Jake Phillips, Leah Siegel, Grant Withington.

4 February 2005 --  A Lambs Club Lo-Jinx, 8:00-9:00 M.C. Peter Dizozza with Peter Buchi (American Hymn by Molly-Ann Leikin/Lee Holdridge), Gini Dustin (Not Complaining, Maltby&Shire), Davita Rothberg (from Starting Here Starting Now), Marc Baron (Soliloquy), Eleanor Carney (Boston Beguine), Peter Dizozza (Don't Leave Me Behind) Joan Scafarelli (Can't Help Lovin'), Marti Stine (On My Own), Gene Rodgers (Ain't Misbehavin') Jacqueline Kroschell (Victor Herbert) and Helen Klass.  Audience included Backstage Editor Sherry Eaker and Baritone Lawrence Craig. Woody Regan at the piano.  

31 January 2005  Lewisfaire Band, with Jack Lewis (Bass), Sam Morgan (drums), Chris Maher Ph D (guitar), Hannah Whitiker (Vox, guitar) and Peter Dizozza (vox, keys). The Knitting Factory, Old Office.  Curated by Babs Todras.  Also Brer Brian, Prewar Yardsale, Dave Miko, Babs-Nellie-Emily and Schwervon!  Jack's Email Announcement.

25 January 2005 --  A Nite of Love of The Law!  8:30 at SideWalk with Peter Dizozza with Erika Belle, Bonnie Greenball and Dave Space.   8-Kristy Eldredge, 8:30- Peter Dizozza, 9-Beau Johnson, 9:30-Brook Pridemore, 10-Cockroach, 11-Amos

23 January 2005 -- Surprise dinner performance at the Harvard Club for Conference of Chief Justices midyear meeting by The E.C. of The A.B.C.N.Y. members.  Sea Heiress song "Love My Girl," revised for the occasion as "Separating us from chaos is The Law. I Love the Law. Great peace have they who love the...(Psalm 119:165)."

20 January 2005 -- Inauguration Day Special:  The E.C. of The A.B.C.N.Y. encores "Off to See the Wizard" for The Lambs Club.  At the conclusion of the performance, guest star (as Auntie Em) Joyce Randolph receives Honorary Bachelorette of Law Degree!  

10 January 2005 -- La MaMa ETC's Experiments '05 opens with TentagatneT, a new play by Peter Dizozza, with Jamie Ansley, Felipe Bonilla, Bobby Faust, Jim Seaman and Jennie Vath at The Annex.  Series Curator:  George Ferencz.  

07 January 2005 -- The Entertainment Committee of The Association of the Bar of the City of New York presents, for their off-year show, "Off to See the Wizard," (Dorothy the librarian runs afoul of The Patriot Act), by Myron D. Cohen and Eugene A. Leiman.  Peter Dizozza at the piano.  Introducing the original song, "Local Justice," lyrics by Leiman, music by Peter Dizozza.  


30 December 2004 --  This was the Year that Is, an evening with Dan Fishback, featuring 7:30 Peter Dizozza 8:00 Steve Espinola 8:30 Jack Lewis 9:00 Dan Fishback (of Cheese on Bread) 9:30 Prewar Yardsale 10:00 Erica Simonian (of The Sprinkle Genies) 11:00 Meghan Andrews

16 December 2004 --  Lambs Club Cold December Reading, 7:00-9:30 of "Quinn's Last Christmas" by Barbara Esposito, with Emma Bowers, Peter Kingsley, Peter Dizozza and Marc Baron.  Reviewed by The People's Critic.

08 December 2004 -- Peter Dizozza, the watery songs, with Bonnie Greenball accepting The River Challenge.  Dave Space of Dave's Place on percussion.  Cameo by Steve Espinola, only at SideWalk. The bill:  7:30- Peter Dizozza, 8- Audra Kubat, 9- Joe Moore, 10-Jane, 11-Kier

04 December 2004 -- Surprise performance at Rav Shmuel's 40th Birthday Show at SideWalk.

20 November 2004 -- The DEF (Dizozza/Espinola/Feldman) Singer Songwriters Concert at the ebony piano in front of the black and white robes of HA-GO-RO-MO by Sanae Maeda & Noriko Wako, followed by the screening of the Lee Feldman/Joe Campbell animated musical, Starboy.  The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center.

10 November 2004 -- Peter Dizozza solo performance, resolving more freedom issues, SideWalk.

5 November 2004 --  Lambs Club Lo-Jinx, 8:00-9:00 collie Peter Dizozza (Stairway to Paradise/Hold On) with Peter Johl (A song from Handel's Ptolomy -- Ptolomy was Cleopatra's surname.  One of her relatives was the astronomer...), Marti Stine (Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered),  guest Len Leeds (Someone to Watch Over Me), Marc Baron (That's All), Helen Klass (Burton Lane Ballad from Royal Wedding), Steve DePass (Myrtle), Jacqueline Kroschel (Roses of Picardy), Gini Dustin's (Satie inspired arrangement of "Hello, Young Lovers"), guest Jim Daveson (Ev'rybody Loves Somebody) with Kevin Wallace at the piano.  

31 October 2004  Olive Juice Music Photo Session.  Scrap Polaroids Page...

27th October 2004  The Mythbusters (Major Matt Mason and Ensign Pete Dizozza) return to the stage, this time at The Knitting Factory Old Office, in support of PANTSUIT, with DBD, Dan Fishback and Clintellectual.  An Olive Juice Music Evening.

8th & 9th October 2004  Williamsburg's Second International Surrealist Film Fest, curated by Peter Dizozza, another in a series of events in which "Cinema VII Goes to the Movies."

23 September 2004 -- Peter Dizozza solo performance, opening for The Anger Cafe -- the return of Rick Shapiro to SideWalk.

27 August 2004 --  Lambs Club Lo-Jinx, 8:00-9:00 collie Peter Dizozza (Something's Gotta Give/Wish a Word) with Peter Johl (Angela), Vivienne Gilbert (Summertime), Kevin McMullen (The Thousand Islands), Marti Stine (Why Can't You Behave), Kathy Kelleher (It All Depends on You), Marc Baron (C'est Mois), Helen Klass (Ballroom Ballad), Billie Stewart (Sissy's Silent Film Career) & Eleanor Careny (medley with Always) with Woody Regan at the piano.  

17 August 2004 -- Summer Antifolk Fest Day 5, Tuesday Aug. 17th Sidewalk Cafe: 7:00- Miwa, 7:45- Peter Dizozza, 8:30- Brooke Pridemore, 9:15- Liz Clark, 10:00- Joe Bendik, 10:45- The Mattoid, 11:30- Joshuagabriel, 12:15 -Dibs,

15 August 2004 -- Tompkins Square Park Summer AntiFolk Fest Concert 1-5PM, Peter Dizozza & Josh Mertz.photographed by Radio Mike Perazzetti.

13 August 2004 -- Central Park Summer AntiFolk Fest Concert moved indoors, 5-7PM, at SideWalk

8 August 2004 -- Summer Antifolk Fest Brunch Souvenir Photo

29-31 July and 14 August 2004 --Spat's Donovan and Aya Misoshiru's "Let's Be Frank" Guest Pianist:  Peter Dizozza.  13th Street Repertory Theatre 50 West 13th St. 212-675-6677 7PM, "Line" at 9:30.  Update:  With a new cast in 2005 Edith O'Hara became director and Peter Dizozza took over as music director.

14 July 2004 --  ASCAP SONGWRITERS NIGHT included Peter Dizozza's Year 2004 Set the Prisoners Free BASTILLE DAY SHOW.  8:00 Jason Shain, 8:30 The Little Women Band, 9:00 Roger Smith, 9:30 Linda Chorney, 10:00 Peter Dizozza

7 July 2004 --  Surprise Freedom Show opening for Chris Fuller -- Peter Dizozza at SideWalk.

20 May 2004 --  Peter Dizozza at SideWalk.

14,15 May 2004 --  The Sea Heiress at The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center.

9 May 2004 --  New Music for Milton's Paradise Lost introduced at The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center.

5 May 2004 --  Hobby or business?  A tax compliance officer examines Cinema VII expenses and revenues (which totaled a loss) for 2001.  A profit would help.  Have you bought your copy of Pro-Choice on Mental Health and Songs of The Golf Wars?  Thank you for your kind support!  PD.

30 April 2004 --  Lambs Club Lo-Jinx Theme Night, The Songs of Walter Donaldson, both familiar and rare, 8:30-9:30, colli Peter Johl, with Brian Gari representing grandfather Eddie Cantor (who introduced "Makin' Whoopie").  Monica Dizozza performed "Love Me or Leave Me."  Peter Dizozza performed, "My Heart and I Decided."

20 April 2003 -- The Association of the Bar of The City of New York Entertainment Evening #2 


2 & 3 April 2004 -- :"Comedy Tonight," Produced in association with the Forest Hills Women's Club and Directed by Christine Evangelista, at the Forest Hills Gardens Community House, with songs and music direction by Peter Dizozza.  


31 March 2004 -- Performance with J.P. Evangelista, Peter Walker, David Tear and Bonnie Greenball at SideWalk.  Also playing, Sean Duggan, Last Up Larry, Ben Connely & Gary.  


28 March 2004 -- WAH Center Sunday Nite Movies featuring New Acquisitions to the Film Library.  Premier screenings of music/art/videos "From Black," from, "White Moon" and "Cottage Attic Wall" from Cinema VII.  Also featured, David O. Rogers great addition the Star Trek Legacy, Red Shirt Blues and a Characterism Film by Robico.  


24 February 2004 -- SideWalk & Fortified present The Winter Antifolk Fest 2004.  New songs by Peter Dizozza  Flyer


17 February 2004 -- Solo performance, Rivington House, through Life Beat,


3 February 2004 -- Major Matt Mason USA and Peter Dizozza in a surprise reunion performance at Cinema VIllage on East 11th Street hosted by Toby Goodshank.  Also featured that night:  Nan Turner Solo and Ish Marquez with The Drive By Proposals.  


18 January 2004 -- WAH Center Encore screening, winners of our Surrealist Film Festival.


15 January 2004 -- First widescreen screening, of  THE LAST DODO Film


09 January 2004 -- The Entertainment Committee of The Association of the Bar of the City of New York presents, for their 45th Twelfth Night Party, "The Fordham Flash," honoring John D. Feerick, Father Joseph O'Hara, S. J., Master of Revels.  Peter Dizozza's contribution, the song, "The Dean is on Our Side," performed by Bonnie Greenball..  




29 December 2003 -- Completed Three Camera Video Edit of The Marriage at the Statue of Liberty, assembled from footage shot by Linda Powers for her public Access Show, "Cultural Hours," and the video by Orin Buck.


23 December 2003 -- SideWalk Peter Dizozza Solo Christmas show, also on the bill: Jeff Harris, Banta Pavell, Jon Berger, Al Duvall & Barry Bliss  Flyer


20 December 2003 -- Frankioke at SideWalk


20 December 2003 -- Olive Juice Music and Boog City Holiday Party. 13 NYC musical acts reinterpret "A Christmas Gift for You From Phil Spector"

19 December 2003 --  Lambs Club Lo-Jinx, 8:00-9:00 collie Peter Dizozza

18 December 2003 --  Lambs Club Concert Reading, 7:00-9:30 of "Cleopatra's Eyes" by Don Flynn with Angie Kristic, Douglas Cooper, Peter Dizozza-Dunphy & Diana Dunphy-Dizozza, Bronwen King, Matthew Kehoe & Stephen Gregor.  Director:  Ray Hagan.  A very cute update from the People's Court website, Tuesday, November 29, 2005 broadcast description:   "It’s case of 'I Got Me A Sugar Daddy!'     Ray fell in love with Bronwen and loaned her thousands of dollars during their relationship. Browen says her older boyfriend of 31 years always gave her expensive gifts."

19 November 2003 --  Innovative Songwriter Series, Program 3.  Dave Wechsler, Lach and Peter Dizozza perform at The Museum of the American Piano Concert Hall.

11 November 2003 --  Peter Dizozza performs "Listen to Your Body" at The Cutting Room songwriter showcase, also playing: The Navigators, Brendan O'Hara, Mika &George, Terrell, and Tinne, organized by Havona Madama of Madama Griffitts LLP.  

07 November 2003 --  Innovative Songwriter Series, Program 2.  Ian Kan, Lee Feldman and Peter Dizozza perform at The Museum of the American Piano Concert Hall.

21 October 2003 --  Celebrating the Fifth Year of Talent In Motion Magazine at Don't Tell Mama with Peter Dizozza and Kim Strickland.  See Talent In Motion Volume VI, Issue 4, December, 2003

10, 11, 17, 18 October 2003 --  The Marriage at the Statue of Liberty, a modern ballet with dialogue, premiers at the Royal WAH Theatre in conjunction with Brave Destiny, Williamsburg's First International Surrealist Exhibition.

3-4 October 2003 --  Williamsburg's First International Surrealist Film Festival

26 September 2003 --  Peter Dizozza at The Museum of the American Piano, solo show

11 September 2003 --  Peter Dizozza at SideWalk -- solo show

27 August 2003 --  Summer Antifok Fest , Peter Dizozza CD Release Party, Songs of The Golf Wars

23 August 2003 --  Summer 2003 Antifolk Howl Fest, Mary Help of Christians Performance, Flea Market and Parking Plaza.

22 August 2003 --  Innovative Songwriter Series, Program 1.  Steve Espinola, Enid and Peter Dizozza perform at The Museum of the American Piano Concert Hall.

05 August 2003 --  Return to SideWalk solo set, 8:00-8:30 featuring The Diana Suite.  Flyer

10 July 2003 --  Lambs Club Lo-Jinx, 8:30-9:30 collie Peter Dizozza, with Lambs Davita Rothberg, Marc Baron, Katny Kelleher, Frankie Nastasi, Linda Fileds, Chuck Prentiss, Carol Shedlin, Joan Scafarello, Helen Klass, Vivienne Gilbert, Gini Dustin, Eleanor Carney and Kevin McMullon with guests Bob Weigel and Monica Dizozza.  Pianist:  Paul Chamlin. 

07 July 2003 --  Aaron Wilkinson memorial.  SideWalk   

27 May 2003 --  SideWalk set, 9:00-10:00  Peter Dizozza song revue directed by J.P. Evangelista with J.P., Audrey Brand, Kathy Brand, Kevin Gallagher & Peter Walker.  Guitar: Victor Varoli.   

16 May 2003 --  Lambs Club Lo-Jinx, 8:00-9:00 collie Peter Dizozza

05 May 2003 --  Lambs Club Cinco de Mayo (introducing a song adaptation of "Midnight Tango," entitled, Cinco de Mayo)

01 May 2003 --  Manhattan Theatre Source Window Box Solo Performance.  

16 April 2003 --  SideWalk set, 7:30-8:30 Peter Dizozza, with guests Josh Mertz, Audrey Brand, Peter Walker and J.P. Evangelista.  Guitar: Victor Varoli.  Percussion:  Talon Lamonica.  Also performing that evening:  Nicole Atkins, the Thin Crawl, Beau Johnson & Clay Mitchell

13 April  2003 -- Ernest Nitzberg Short Stories at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center Sunday Salon, with Ron Gross, Toby Goodshank, Peter Dizozza Terrance Lindall and Phyllis Yampolsky

4 & 5April 2003 -- "Running Wild," Produced in association with the Forest Hills Women's Club and Directed by Christine Evangelista, at the Forest Hills Gardens Community House, with songs by Peter Dizozza.   

12 March 2003 -- Peter Dizozza, Live Music, Wednesday at 7 in the Window Box Cafe, Manhattan Theatre Source.

19 February 2003 -- Winter Anti-Folk Fest '03 with Peter Dizozza, Jason Trachtenberg,Thomas Truax, John S Hall, Nellie McKay, Testosterone Kills & Lach.   

17 & 18 January 2003 -- Friday & Saturday, 8:00PM, celebrating the completion of principal photography of Dan Sallitt's new film, The Williamsburg Art and Historical Center screened the 16mm print of his 1998 feature film, Honeymoon.  Also on the program, Joie Lee's "Snapped" and the CVII 1992 video, "Passage through the Ricoletta."  

16 January 2003 -- Thursday, 8:00PM the Lambs host the encore performance of "The Golf Wars" Peter Dizozza’s 2002 contribution to La MaMa E.T.C.’s Experiments Reading Series with director Tom Nondorf, Josh Mertz, Freeman Borden, Robert Kiernan,  Tom Warnick and Lennie Varvarides returning and the role of Thankful Widgeons played by fellow Lamb Cinti Laird. Eric Lippe photographed the dress rehearsal of January 12th.

14 January 2003 -- Celebrating the seven year anniversary of solo performing, and of the premier of Pro-Choice on Mental Health, Peter Dizozza performed at 10PM at SideWalk, guest performer Josh Mertz.    

10 January 2003 -- The Association of the Bar of the City of New York Entertainment Committee presented Gone with the Dot Coms with Pamela Greyson and Trey Sadowski, written by Myron Cohen with music and lyrics by Eugene Leiman, with Bonnie Greenball performing the "I Love You Much" portion of Peter Dizozza's 1979 "Love Song." 


31 December 2002 -- Peter Dizozza and Lisa Dery host the earliest New Year's Eve Party at Gallagher's Steak House with Marc Baron and Monica Dizozza.  Event Page.

29 December 2002 -- 8:30PM half-hour piano performance at SideWalk with Dave of Dave's PlaceFlyer

27 December 2002 -- cameo piano performance at SideWalk with Kimya Dawson performing Bacharach/David's Reflections.  

13 December 2002 --Peter Dizozza, Mr. Kite and Elyas Khan perform at REDHOUSE, 45 Main Street #1009 DUMBO, Brooklyn, the performance space of One Arm Red. (Featuring the seven song cycle with monologues and mini play, Pro-Choice on Mental Health.)

6 December 2002 -- "Collie" Peter Dizozza hosts Friday Lo-Jinx Theme Night: Songs by Lambs Composers.  (Monica sang "You Hurt Me."  Marc Baron sang "Happ'ly Wait.")

5 December 2002 -- At Frank Restaurant Peter asks and Diana answers yes regarding Marriage Engagement!. 

26 November 2002 -- 7:30 pm half-hour piano performance at SideWalk with Tom Nondorf and Dave of Dave's Place.    

21 November 2002 -- Square One at the Actor's Institute -- screening of edited Angels: Tour of the Vultures with live performance of related songs:  Briarwood, Dealing with My Friends, Reflections of the Sky & A Horse at Sea.  

8-10 & 16-18 November 2002 -- The Eight Performances at St. Jean's Auditorium of Salad Days, credits here.

1 November 2002 -- Fly Me to the Moon performance with Star Trek Uniform at The Lamb's Club

29 October 2002 -- 9pm hour piano performance at SideWalk.  Some recovery time required.  Flyer

20 October 2002 -- Cocktail Piano for Friends of Station Square Fund Raiser. 

18, 19 October 2002 --A Pre-Halloween Snack Film Program at the WAH Center featuring works of Matthew Gubler and Peter Dizozza. 

29 September 2002 -- 8PM 1/2 hour SW Performance Flyer

20, 21, 27 &28 September 2002 -- Friday & Saturday, 8:00PM the premiere staging of "The Golf Wars" Peter Dizozza’s 2002 contribution to La MaMa E.T.C.’s Experiments Reading Series.  Directed by Tom Nondorf, this limited run production brings together the singing and acting talents of Josh Mertz & Freeman Borden as The Dueling Pianists, Jeffrey LaMar as Jack Aashimoto, Nora Naomi Simpson as Thankful Widgeons, Robert Kiernan as Inspector,  Tom Warnick as Harold Aashimoto, and Lennie Varvarides as Princess Becca.  Jerome Rossen, one of the original dueling pianists, in attendance on Saturday.

13 September 2002 -- Friday, 8:30PM MNN Broadcast of "Dave's Place" at the Raven including performances by Grey Revell, Beau Johnson,  Peter Dizozza, Dave of "Dave's Place" (featuring Kimberly Mossel, Peter Dizozza and Jon Berger), Gina Holsopple & Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend

30 August 2002 -- Biff Rose's New York Film and Video Fest, featuring screenings of "Search for the Perfect Snowball" (Birney Imes) and 10 minutes (400' from reel three) of "Lightningbolt" (1974).

15 August 2002 -- Wednesday, 8:30 PM Panel discussion with closing song, "Square One," on Marcia Hershkowitz's MNN cable show, "Making the Scene."

11 August 2002 -- Central Park Concert, Peter Dizozza solo performance & 3 hour antihoot at SideWalk Flyer -- Listen to the SideWalk Set!

3 August 2002 -- Summer Antifolk Fest Parade and Concert at Tompkins Square Park

31 July 2002 -- Wednesday, 8:30PM Peter Dizozza & Marc Baron appear live on Marcia Hershkowitz's MNN cable show, "Making the Scene."

14 July 2002 -- Peter Dizozza, Lisa Dery, Tyr Throne, Marc Baron, Judith, Jeneen Terrana, perform "Exploring the French Side" for Bastille Day at SideWalk

4 July 2002 -- Peter Dizozza and Lisa Dery perform patriotic song marathon at Gallagher's Steak House

18 June 2002 -- Peter Dizozza hour solo show, "Songs of Yearning," at SideWalk  Flyer

14, 15, 16, 21, 22 & 23 June 2002 -- Prepare to Meet Your Maker Sing-a-Long Song-a-Thon at The WAH Theatre Floor For the Performing Arts Center.

9 May 2002 -- Peter Dizozza at SideWalk with Steve Espinola and Colette Bryce.  Flyer

4 May 2002 -- David Baker mixes The Prepare to Meet Your Maker Soundtrack at Alex Abrash's Burns Street Studios.

19-20 April, 2002 -- Forest Hills Gardens Women's Club Production "Remember When" 

14 April 2002 -- Piano set at SideWalk  Flyer

12 April 2002 -- Piano set at Triad & SideWalk with Drew Blood and Kenny Davidsen

5 April 2002 -- The Golf Wars Premier Concert Reading for La MaMa e.t.c.'s Experiments '02 

30 March 2002 -- Daniel Rodriguez at Caesar's Palace with Monica Dizozza

28 March 2002 -- The Association of the Bar of The City of New York Entertainment Evening #1 

24-26 March 2002 -- The 48 Hour Spontaneous Combustion Production introducing "Gala & Ligeti" 

15, 16, 22, 23 March 2002 -- The WAH Center Theatre of the Imagination opens with John Seroff's adaptation of THE ELEVENTH HOUR

13 Feb 2002 -- Anu's Graduation into the world of HAIR COLORING.

10 Feb 2002 -- The New Writers Forum 

25Jan-3Feb 2002 -- Peter Dizozza in London and Glasgow with Major Matt Mason, USA! 

13 January 2002 -- Peter Dizozza at SideWalk -- The Expanding Universe


31 December 2001 -- The earliest New Year's Eve Party at Gallagher's Steak House with Lisa Dery.

30 December 2001 -- Sunday Evening, 11PM, Toby Goodshank, Cockroach, Abbey Valdez & Kimya Dawson in THE ELEVENTH HOUR concert reading with Lost Horizon music!  Flyer

15 December 2001 -- Saturday, 8PM, Tyr Throne and Maki Fujita Present Final Future at the Throne Dance Theatre at 137 Duane Street. 

15 December 2001 -- Solo Performance at SideWalk.

28 November, 9 December 2001 -- Salon Performances with Erika Belle and Maki Fujita, The New York Kunsthalle 210 East 5th Street.  

21 November 2001 -- Solo Performance at SideWalk.  Flyer

17 November 2001 -- with Major Matt Mason USA at SideWalk.

6 November 2001 -- Introducing The Golf Wars, Golden Fleece Square One, Theatre 22.

28 October 2001 -- Sunday Afternoon, Web page of The East Village Outdoor Indie/AntiFolk Revue at the Naumburg Bandshell, Central Park-- Time Out New York: "The Antifolk Set take over Central Park for a day!" 

6-16 October 2001 -- Road tour, New Orleans to Phoenix.. Art for Art's Sake Street Fair, Gungha Den, Austin Cacturs Cafe, Ruta Maya, Alomo Draft House Weird Wednesdays, Lavaca.

2 October 2001 -- Tuesday, 9PM, Solo Performance at SideWalk

25 September 2001 -- Band Performance with Hens of Monospace at Luna Lounge of Pro-Choice on Mental Health for The World Wide Web Artists Consortium.

11 September 2001 -- Came down from my apartment's building roof and began watching television again.  (Continued watching until January, 2007.)

4 September 2001 -- Tuesday, 7PM, at Bar-B, Allen Street,

1 September 2001 -- Prepare to Meet Your Maker Soundtrack Recording, Instrumental Tracks, Electric Ladyland Studio A, with David Baker, Alex Abrash, John Kessel, Kenny Davidsen, Brian Warschum, Laurel Hoffman and Peter Dizozza.

31 August 2001 -- Appearance on Dave's Place, MNN.

30 August 2001 -- Thursday, 11PM, Peter Dizozza, Eve of the Eve of September, at SideWalk  Flyer  

10-13 August 2001 -- to Western Michigan.

3-5 August 2001 -- Principal Exterior Photography, The Last Dodo Film.


29 July 2001 -- Fortified records and Sidewalk cafe present:THE SUMMER ANTIFOLK FEST 2001 Free music in Tomkins Square Park from 1-5pm  

19 July 2001 -- Appearance on Dave's Place, MNN.

10-14 July 2001 -- The Wise Sophia at Manhattan Theatre Source.

4 July 2001 -- Happy 225th, America!  Songs of George M. Cohan and Irving Berlin at Galagher's Steak House with Lisa Dery ("'They pooped out after a few hours.'" -- New York Post, 7/5/01)

30-31 June 2001 -- Principal Interior Photography, The Last Dodo Film, The Waldorf Astoria

17 June 2001 -- Pro-Choice on Mental Health Live at SideWalk  Flyer  

12 June 2001 -- Appearance on Dave's Place, MNN.

19-26 May 2001 -- Road tour, Jacksonville, Florida to New Orleans back to Jacksonille.  CDs to Kay David for Kitty Blue.

13 May 2001 -- Murder by Music at The Golden Fleece Square One, Theatre 22.  Televised.

1, 8, 15, 29 May 2001 -- Tuesdays, 7PM, at Bar-B, Allen Street, Band performances with Jordan Pfister and Hens Breet and guests Erika Smith, Tony Hightower, Dave of Dave's Place, Su Polo

27 & 28 April 2001 -- Murder by Music

3, 10, 17, 22, 29 April 2001 -- Tuesdays & Sundays, 8PM, The Last Dodo at Baby Jupiter

21 March 2001 -- Wednesday, 8:30PM Jeneen Terrana with Peter Dizozza at Chez Suzette.

6, 13, 20, 27 February & March 2001 -- Tuesdays, 8PM, The Last Dodo at Baby Jupiter

28 January 2001 -- Sunday, Peter Beard at Hear & Now/The Last Dodo at Manhattan Theatre Source

31 January 2001 -- Wednesday, 9:30PM Peter Dizozza at  SideWalk.

23 January 2001 -- Tuesday, 11PM Peter Dizozza at  SideWalk.

21 January 2001 -- Last Complete Screening, Angels: Tour of the Vultures, the WAH Center, with performance of Medea by Lili Bita.

7 January 2001 -- Cinema VII Goes to The Movies.  Sunday 11PM, One Half of One Third of a Nation with monologue Screened at SideWalk..


14 November 2000 -- Tuesday, Peter Dizozza solo show, 9PM at SideWalk w/ Lach song, Smokin' Again.  Experience remotely HERE

30 July 2000 -- New pageSummer Antifolk Fest Sun.July30- 7:30- Peter Dizozza, 8-Atoosa, 8:30- John Kessel, 9-Adam Green, 9:30-PreWar Yard Sale, 10- Adam Brodsky, 10:30 Butch Ross, 11- Tony Hightower, 12- Grey Revell

21 May 2000 -- Peter Dizozza set Attendable, virtually, HERE.

30 April 2000 -- Peter Dizozza set with Peter Walker, Audrey Brand, Tony Hightower, Kenny Davidsen, Drew Blood, Laurel Hoffman and John Kessel  Attendable, virtually, HERE.


06 December 1996 -- Legs Like These by Neil Ericksen, Score by Peter Dizozza at the piano, One Dream Theater, directed by Peter D'Alto.  Last performance Date.  Experience it remotely HERE.

09 January 1994 -- Sunday, Monica and Peter Dizozza present to The Women's Club of Forest Hills, a half-hour set of cover songs.  Experience it remotely HERE.

Stills from Cinema VII's VHC tape, dated 1/30/96, of Anthology Film Archives' Opening of Kenneth Anger's Icons Exhibit.

Performance history of The Last Dodo and Prepare to Meet Your Maker may be found elsewhere.  

Murder by Music (April, 2001) & The Great Enchanted Forest (April, 2000)

The Revivals of Shows for which Peter Dizozza has been music director and/or pianist are:  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine, Here's Love, The Fantasticks, Sweeney Todd, No for an Answer, Grease, The Best Little Whore House in Texas, and (most recently) Salad Days.  

NEWS Archive

Peter Dizozza introduced The Golf Wars at a sold out Lou Rogers Square One, on November 6th, 2001, Election Day!  

I have started a timeline identifying events since birth; helpful?  Yes!


New-- Rock to Sand Lyric Sheet with Song Link


New CD Release (Commercial Release Date, Feb. 12, 2002):  Peter Dizozza, Pro-Choice on Mental Health, a seven song cycle with monologues and Mini-Play, Produced by Joe Bendik and mastered, analogue, by David Baker and Alex Abrash available at Kim's Video & Music and Footlight Records.  


The Last Dodo, the Soundtrack, produced by Aashish Pathak now available on-line at the Gift shop.  A 59 minute sketch of the film was completed in January 2004. 


PTMYM Soundtrack News!  Bass (John Kessel), drums (Brian Wayne Wurshum), piano (Kenny Davidsen)  recorded by David Baker and Alex Abrash at Studio A, Electric Ladyland, September 1, 2001.  Meghan Burns, Tony Hightower, Kimberly Mossel and Linda Kobylinski attended the first vocal session on September 18th.  The second session on October 3rd included them and John, Brian and Kenny.  This album is currently available only through


New Album, Songs of the Golf Wars, produced by Major Matt Mason, USA, available through  


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Cinema VII Movies on demand at and 


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